Self-delivery or a Professional Moving Service: Which Is Right for You?

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A startup business has its share of mishaps as the owner looks for the right formula to get their business up, running and competitive with the others. They are identifying reliable suppliers, estimating a competitive selling price that doesn’t cut profit drastically and designing marketing and advertising strategies to accommodate different demographics and social groups. Businesses will always find some form of struggle when starting, and that is okay.

It is with such a struggle that entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes and improve their business acumen. Mistakes mean that you learn the necessary changes to improve the services and products. Fine-tuning and updating operations help keep the business competitive and focused.

If you include delivery as part of your service, one consideration is whether to deliver yourself or hire a dispatch service. Both self-delivery and pick-up services have their advantages depending on your client and location. However, you usually end up relying on one over the other.

Identifying the differences between the two will help determine which method is better for your business.

Self-delivery and Pickup

If your business model revolves around the distribution and sourcing of different materials and products, you may have already thought about collection and delivery by yourself. You can drive where and when you want, which may be advantageous for tight deadlines and rush contracts.

For smaller businesses, this may be the best option, although self-drive means you are spending time behind the wheel when you could be managing the company, and worrying about stakeholder expectations, regulatory start-up requirements, cash flow and the competition.

Depending on what is delivered, as long as the area covered is small and accessible, self-drive may be the realistic option for small businesses. Once the business takes off, you can revisit the strategy for sourcing and distribution and make changes.

Help from Professional Moving and Delivery Services

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With the growth of a company comes increased demand and therefore, a review of production and distribution strategies. You can invest in new vehicles and drivers, or hire a professional carrier service for pick-ups and deliveries. You need to calculate if the time spent driving and maintaining an in-house fleet is more cost-efficient than giving the logistical burden to someone else to manage.

A significant component of a more extensive distribution network is the need for more storage space, and the facilities to load and unload items safely and quickly. Is your company ready to invest in a warehouse with the space, security, loading bays and truck skate loading systems for rapid turnover and smoother transition? With a professional delivery company, all the systems to run the logistics and storage facilities are in place to ensure that any increase in delivery is easy and safe.

So, which of the two is right for you? When a starting-up, when cashflow and capital is an issue, self-deliveries and pick-ups provide a cheaper option. But once your company becomes a larger entity, time demands will prioritise business management. In this situation, hiring a professional dispatch company makes more sense.

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