How Much Does Electricity Cost in the USA?


Ever since Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, the world never goes without it. It has become an essential utility in every household and business. It also means it comprises a significant part of your expense. How much does it cost then if you’re in Missouri?

Missouri Electrical Bills

According to Electricity Local, Missouri’s electric rate is lower than the national average. Many families in the United States pay 11.88 cents per kilowatt-hour.

In Missouri, it will cost you only 10.17 cents for every kilowatt-hour. The Show-Me State ranks 36th when it comes to residential electricity costs. The bills, though, are a different matter. In the United States, households usually pay around $75. The ones who consume more can pay up to $203.

The people of Missouri average $108 in electricity spending. That places the state among the top 20 most expensive utility bills in the country. Why? One of the primary reasons is consumption. The state is one of the top 10 highest consumers of electricity. Households use about 1,060 kilowatt-hours a month.

A lot of homes can utilize 903 kilowatt-hours per month. Others can even consume way less at 531 kilowatt-hours monthly. Another possible explanation is supply and demand. Missouri obtains its electricity from different sources. It’s a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy.

The state can also rely on many suppliers. Some of these are municipal utilities, while others are cooperatives and investor-owned companies. In a report by the Kansas Corporation Commission, the demand still exceeds supply as of 2016. That is except for Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA).

The surplus, though, was small for four to five of these suppliers. By 2021, it will further decrease. It explains why the state is improving its energy planning.

How to Lower Electricity Costs

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You cannot control the actual costs, but you can do something to bring them down. In Kansas City, one of your options is to work with experts in window installation, such as Precision Windows & Doors. Many people seem to be unaware of the role windows play in energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient windows can reduce thermal loss, especially during the winter. They can keep heat inside your home for more extended periods. This way, you don’t have to turn your heater full-blast.

Some types of windows, meanwhile, can let in a lot of light and warmth. They can be problematic during summers. Windows installation experts can also add services such as weatherstripping. It is a process of sealing gaps in your windows (and doors).

In 2017, the state introduced the inclining block system. It’s supposed to be a proactive approach to energy efficiency and conservation. It provided a two-tier rate structure. For example, the cost per kilowatt-hour per month can be lower for the first 600 kilowatt-hours. Once your consumption exceeds the threshold, then the rate per kilowatt-hour increases.

The state admits that the price difference isn’t high, but any utility savings can help families. It can encourage them to invest more in renewable energy, such as solar panels.

Electricity costs in Missouri can be high due to consumption. You can save by making your home more energy-efficient.

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