Posh Home Upgrades: Affordable Luxury for Your Property

white living room with blue furniture

Many people dream of having picturesque homes with lavish designs similar to those featured on glamorous print magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, curating a lavish house can be time-consuming and highly expensive, especially since consultancy fees for interior designers and prices of high-end home items are sky-rocketing. Does this mean you can’t achieve the hotel-quality appearance you’re opting for? Of course not.

If you wish to enhance the overall look of your home, you can try simple and cost-effective ways that will beautify your property without breaking the bank.

Achieve Color Harmony

Colour harmony is a theory used by artists in incorporating colour combinations that are harmonious to the eye. However, this does not just apply to artworks. Your home is a piece of functional art so utilizing complementary colours will do wonders in improving its appearance.

If you envelop rooms in just one main colour, they will look more polished and inviting. Before you select the hues, choose a theme as this will guide you in choosing colours for each room in your house.

For a posh appearance, try to mix rich shades of a deep jewel tone like emerald green, ruby, and navy blue. You can soften the vibrancy by adding muted hues such as pale grey, pearl, and cream. You can even install shiny trimmings of a silver or gold shade that suits the key colour of the room. Just keep the combinations simple so the rooms will not look chaotic and disorganized.

Upgrade Furniture Pieces

luxury home with big couches

Upgrading your furniture sounds like an expensive venture. However, you can cut down costs by selling old ones and using the cash you generated to buy new pieces. In fact, you can save even more money by purchasing affordable furniture in online stores or second-hand shops.

Furniture sets offer a lot to your abode in terms of looks, feel, and functionality. Select durable materials that last longer. It’s also advised to invest in high-quality covers for pieces with large surfaces like sofas, couches, desks, and tables.

Invest in High-quality Beddings

Replacing your bedding is one simple way to upgrade your bedroom. Invest in high-quality sheets with high thread counts that are made of lavish materials like velvet, silk, or linen. If you don’t want to spend much, you don’t have to go for these actual fabrics. Choose a cheaper material that looks and feels the part.

Another tip for making your bed appear luxurious and refined is adding multiple feather and down pillows and small cushions. There are many online stores and outlets where you can buy soft, comfy pillows like the ones in hotels.

Lighting is the Key

Installing an elegant chandelier is a fine way to style the rooms in your home. This is especially suitable for dining areas, living rooms, and foyers. There are plenty of types to choose from, including crystal, casual glass, candle-style, shaded, and pendant. If you want to save more, visit an online store or shop for a used one. You can also DIY if you’re the crafty type.

Keep your house clean and orderly. Have small damages like cracked floor tiles or scratched surfaces repaired. Lastly, it’s vital to note that you don’t have to accomplish all these upgrades in one go. Learn to prioritize. Implement the upgrades step by step and you will achieve your aspirational design over time.

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