On Goodbyes and Hellos: The Traveller’s Lifestyle Is Not for Everyone

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If you look at it from a non-traveller’s perspective, travelling is all about exploring, having fun, and meeting new people. However, travelling is more than all of these things combined. A real traveller would say that travelling is a lifestyle on its own. If you are committed to travelling, you might already have considered quitting your nine-to-five job or may already have done so to make more time for your adventures.

To make the most out of your travelling adventures, you must have enough money saved away, especially for rainy days. Most travellers have even resorted to selling a lot of their stuff to have extra money for their adventures. One of the best things about travelling is that it gives people a lot of thrills and a sense of excitement that no other endeavour can give. Despite all the advantages of travelling, not all people are willing to commit to this particular lifestyle. Below are the reasons why a traveller’s lifestyle is not for everyone.

Making Major Adjustments

Committing to a traveller’s lifestyle is never easy. You have to make a lot of major adjustments on your way to fully embracing a traveller’s lifestyle. You have to consider important things such as what you have to do about your job, home, friends, and family. You have to think of these things because travelling will take you away from them most of the time. Travelling is like cutting all ties with the real world and spending more time with yourself as you go exploring, visiting new places, meeting new people, and even trying out different kinds of food.

Travelling is best enjoyed when your mind is free from responsibilities. Those who are lucky enough to keep their regular jobs and still manage to travel do not need to worry as much as those who have quit their jobs so that they could make time for travelling. Therefore, a traveller’s lifestyle is full of sacrifices which requires absolute commitment because travelling will always be challenging. However, travellers revel as they enjoy liberty, adventures, and new beginnings.

Not the Usual Routines

Travellers are different from most people because they do not worry about what most people think about. For example, a traveller is happy enough to find a cheap and clean hotel or even boarding house in the places that they visit. Travellers do not have to worry about estate agents or settling in one place for good, or even worrying about buying a house. Travellers are aware that they always have to keep moving, which means that it is difficult for them to establish roots in any place no matter how comfortable they get.

Instead of thinking of a home to settle in, travellers are always looking for the next best place to spend the night in. There are even times when travellers have to settle for cheap motels or even camping out in the open. For them, the thrill outweighs the discomfort that they feel every time they settle in a different place.

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Dealing with Relationships

One of the disadvantages of the traveller’s lifestyle is that they cannot hold down relationships for a long time. The reason is obvious: they are never in one place long enough to get to know other people. When it comes to relationships with friends and family, travellers also struggle to keep in touch. This is because most travellers are so focused on their adventures that they do not have much time to interact with people from home.

There are also instances when travellers cannot get in touch with their friends and family because their locations are restricted. Therefore, it is difficult for travellers to maintain good relationships with other people because they are almost always off the radar.

Money and Budgeting

The biggest challenge for all travellers is budgeting. Even if you have saved enough money for all your travels, there will always come a time when your resources will run low. Therefore, you must always exercise proper budgeting because you never know when your resources might run out. You also have to consider the fact that you might have to spend money for emergencies.

Budgeting means you have to settle for cheaper deals when you travel. You don’t have the luxury to stay in five-star hotels because you also have to think of other expenses such as plane tickets and food. Most travellers would often miss their lives before travelling because everything was laid out and planned out back then. Furthermore, travellers miss having a regular job that pays well. But all this does not mean that travellers are not having fun with their adventures. It’s just that they have to control their expenses so that they can make the most out of their lifestyle.

The Lessons and Experiences You Get to Keep

Although a traveller’s lifestyle can be challenging, nothing compares to all the lessons and experiences they keep from their adventures. Sure, there are challenges like dealing with relationships, budgeting money, and living independently. However, the good thing is that travellers get to have fun because they have the liberty to explore the world as they please. Although a traveller’s lifestyle is exhilarating, it is not for everyone. A traveller’s lifestyle requires sacrifices and commitment. If you are willing to commit to this lifestyle, then you have the makings of a real traveller.

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