Motivating Reasons to Get Your Money Moving

money growing

What separates a financially responsible person from a not-so-responsible one? Why do some have a knack for making money while others are more inclined towards spending it? What motivates a person to make money, and what makes another lose it?

Maybe it’s a simple case of genetics. Perhaps, these people have been taught to save money at an early age, but what if it is only a matter of perspective? What if we’ve been trained by advertisers and society to find pleasure in spending? What if we’re conditioned to think of investing as a drag?

Here are some ways to reverse that perception so that the practice of growing money becomes something you enjoy and find necessary:

  1. Making money stretches you to unbelievable heights. Finding ways to grow your money gives your maturity levels an incredible boost. It’s an exercise in perseverance, patience, determination, and hard work, admirable qualities that will also set you up to do better in life. Even the simple practice of setting aside a percentage of your allowance each month serves as a form of disciplining yourself. Start small and watch your money-saving skills grow as your will to accomplish this does.
  2. Making money opens fantastic new opportunities for you. Finding ways to grow your savings puts a creative fire in you. You may start off selling used stuff online to who knows next year. Maybe you will be checking out your favorite restaurant’s franchise cost or even coming up with a food establishment of your own. You will get to know a side of you that never existed before, alongside opening up new worlds to explore.


  1. Making money is fun. If you can liken it to a sport or a hobby that you enjoy, it won’t seem like such hard work. Once you train your mind to make it an enjoyable pursuit, every minute in the day spent on your money-making project will be as pleasurable as, for example, working on your art or practicing a sport. It’s time to acknowledge that business is art the same way that art is business. The two are more similar than you think.
  2. You’ll earn the respect of your friends and family. We tend to put them on pedestals, those who we believe have the Midas touch. In reality, these people who have the skill to grow money are no different from you or me. At one point in their lives, they decided to start earning more money. Because making money and becoming rich are so glamorized, we tend to think that this is only for a select few. But this situation applies to anyone with the determination and will to make it.

These are only four motivating facts about making money. There are many more that you are welcome to discover yourself along the way. A meaningful sense of fulfillment, with the fun in enjoying the fruits of your labor, is also counted. There is nothing to lose once you start the discipline of growing your money.

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