Selling Your Business: Three Reasons Why it’s a Good Thing

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Are you thinking of selling your business? You’re actually not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs are contemplating selling a business in Salt Lake City. Now you might think that they are doing that out of financial desperation, but that is not always the case. Some sell their business because they believe it is a huge opportunity. In other words, selling their business is in itself a business move. The following are some of the reasons for selling a business:

  1. Opportunity to liquidate

    Since running a business is risky, any opportunity you have to change assets into cash should be seriously considered. The longer you stay in business, the more assets you accumulate, the higher your risk of failure. Selling a portion or all of your business will give you an opportunity to liquidate and start something new.

  2. An aversion for risk

    As assets accumulate in the business, owners tend to be more conservative in their decision making because they are becoming risk-averse. This is especially true if the owners are already older. They no longer have the luxury of fixing the results of a bad strategy and they tend to avoid making risky decisions. When this happens, you should plan a good exit strategy.

  3. Seeking new ventures

    Liquidity may be a good reason to sell a business but this is not the only reason. Some business owners might be looking for new ventures after running their business for 10-15 years. Some older business owners might be looking forward to retirement already.

Things to Consider Before Selling Your Business

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Even is selling your business, you still have financial goals that you want to achieve. If you make mistakes, you might not achieve these goals. Here are some things that you need to consider when you finally sell your business:

  • Timing of the sale

    You should not look desperate when liquidating your business. You should time your sale in such a way that you’re negotiating from the standpoint of strength, not of weakness. Your financial goals will definitely suffer if you fail in this area.

  • Finding the right buyer

    You’d want a buyer that has the best interest of your company in mind. Even if you’re already parting with your business, you have to remember that there are real people that you leave behind. You need to make sure that they are taken care of by the next owner. If you’re selling only a portion of your company, you need to make sure that your culture and the new people coming in are a good fit. If not, you will have a hard time gluing together the newcomers and the old.

  • Getting your company ready

    Since there are real people who can get affected by your business decision, you have to make them ready for the change of ownership.

sell a business, you should not sell with only that reason in mind. You should also consider the kind of people you will be partnering with especially if you’re just selling a portion of your business. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when liquidating their business is obsessing only about the dollars.

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