Home Renovations to Increase the Value of Your House

home renovation

COVID-19 has been extremely stressful for everyone, as it heavily affected our professional and social lives. Working from home and online schooling has also been the new normal. People have been staying in the comfort of their homes since the pandemic started. According to Cusman Wakefield, the commercial real estate sector has been slowly moving since the pandemic started. With that said, there is no better time to invest in renovating your house before it goes to the market. Here are some ideas on what renovations you can do.

Upgrade your patio

If your house has a spacious patio, make use of it. A home renovation that you can make in your patio is patio awning. Installing one will not only provide shade in your patio that you can enjoy, but it will also provide privacy while you are outside. It will also protect your pieces of furniture outside of the house from wind and rain, thus minimizing the onset of rust and corrosion.

The shade that it gives is applicable not only on the outside but also in your house. It can minimize the sun exposure of your furniture near your window so it can have a longer lifespan. This can also decrease the temperature inside your house, which may result in reduced electric bills.

Have a pool built

With many establishments closing or having restrictions, your local and public swimming pools can be one of them. So why not build one in your house? Swimming is one of the best physical activities out there, and it is also considered a low-impact exercise. If you have a family, a pool can be a great hang out space for your kids or kids at heart.

You can also have it customized the way you want, and it will also boost the value of your home and attract prospective buyers. Having pools in your house is very convenient, especially during hot summers, when you have to take some heat off. It also provides privacy so you can enjoy more quality time with your family. You can also host some BBQ parties and other gatherings here! After the pandemic subsides, of course.

Remodel your basement

Originally, the basement’s purpose was for food and wine storage. But if you want to increase the value of your house, fix flooding problems first, if you have any. You may also want to consider adding a basement wine bar or convert it to an entertainment hub. It can also be converted to a small apartment for a relative or tenant.

Convert your attic

Usually, attics have good lighting because they are located at the topmost part of the house. So you can turn your attic into a spare room or a crafts room that may attract prospective artist buyers. Depending on how big your attic is, you can also turn this into a game room. Just make sure that there will be no leaks when it rains. A rule of thumb in increasing the value of your house is first to make sure there are no flooding or electricity problems as these things are what buyers check first.

Kitchen remodeling

For some people, the kitchen might be the most important part of the house. It may also be the busiest at some point. Remodeling your kitchen does not necessarily mean that you have to make it fancier. You only have to make sure that it does not feel “crowded.” Make it convenient as you can. Depending on your prospective buyers, you may want to lower light switches or put cabinets where it’s easier to reach.

Or better yet, upgrade to adjustable features. You may also want to replace the sink, oven, and cooktop. The kitchen can be one of the most used areas of the house, and as a result, it can get quite dirty. Remodel it so it can be easy to clean. The kitchen should be accessible yet fully functional.

Bathroom remodeling

bathroom remodeling

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is also considered one of the features that may increase a house’s value. The common issue with bathrooms is molding since this area is basically moist. So make sure you remodel it with moisture resistance features or a waterproof system underneath your tiles to help prevent the growth of molds.

According to the Los Angeles Times, mishaps near the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink caused an estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries in the U.S. in 2008 among people at least 15 years old. You may also want to consider adding features that will help in avoiding slip and fall. You can also add vanity mirrors, warm lighting, a new shower, tub, toilet, and flooring to add value.

Upgrading and remodeling your house before it goes to the market will have a higher chance and value, especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic. Remember the areas that contribute the most value to your house and focus on energy efficiency, so you will have bigger chances of getting your money back.

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