Aerial Photos: How Can You Take Them Like a Professional?

Aerial shot

Aerial photography is slowly becoming a trend among most photographers for the past couple of years. Thanks to technology, what used to be exclusive to a few professionals is now available to almost everyone. But even without a gadget or not, learning how to take aerial photos can be exciting.

Never has it been so easy to capture aerial shots these days. So, whether you’re planning to get a drone or use your camera to take photos while on a plane, here are a few things that you need to know about aerial photography.

Choose the right aircraft

The quality of your photos will largely depend on your preferred aircraft. For beginners, using the best US-made drones is all you need. They’re much more affordable and compact as well. Thus, making it easier to bring them with you in any of your projects. However, drones have limits in terms of height and length of usage.

For particular areas and heights, hopping into an aircraft is a practical choice. What’s great about it is that you can bring more equipment in an airplane or helicopter. Doing so ensures that you capture the high-resolution pictures you need.

Aerial view

Set the right sharpness

Achieving a sharp image can be a significant problem, especially when you’re in an airplane. The tremors inside the aircraft can make it challenging to hold the camera steady. Thus, making most of your shots appear blurry.

One way to fix this problem is by adjusting the shutter speed. Digital Photography School also says that you can change the settings to anything above 1/1000th of a second to make it work. It would help if you also held the camera without bracing your arms or lens on the plane. Holding any part of the camera will only cause your hands to become shaky.

Know your drone’s limitations

If you’re planning to use drones for the first time, then it’s best to master the basics before heading on to the field. Learning the primary rules of flying drones will not only help you with capturing amazing images. But it’ll also help you feel more comfortable at flying it, too. And as you become used to using your drone, you’ll find it easier to fly it even with a strong breeze.

However, it’s still important to know the risks, especially when navigating through tricky situations. Australian Photography says that you need to know when to abort the flight and fly it back. With your improving flying abilities, you can prevent any unnecessary accidents resulting in losing your drone or crashing it. Keep in mind that every brand has its unique safety features. So, it’s best to familiarize yourself with it so that you’ll know what to do if ever it fails.

Aerial photography is a great way to capture photos that people don’t usually see. So, if you’re planning to take a few pictures using a drone or plan to do it while riding a plane, it’s always best to know what you should do to get some fantastic shots.

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