Hand-Made Design: A New Interior Trend for Your Unique Home

men doing wood work

Handcrafted items are an interior design trend that has been on the rise in recent years. Anything handmade speaks to passion, authenticity, and craftsmanship; these are all attributes that speak to the increasingly influential next generation.

An item of craft is unique and personal, a labour of love. You do not need to be the craftsman, of course – by carefully and thoughtfully selecting the right pieces; you become involved in the process. Here are some things to consider when seeking to bring the handcrafted look into your Singapore home.


A well-chosen, high-quality piece of leather lends itself beautifully to the crafted aesthetic. As a timeless and durable material, leather ages well. It acquires scratches and patina that add to its value over time, becoming a unique item with a personal connection to your household.

Having a leather sofa or other furniture in your Singapore home often draws attention, so ensure the balance of your look with contrast, light, and complementary pieces. Rugs or tapestries provide a different texture while bringing in more light can offset the usually dark tones of top-end leather.


Another timeless and natural material, wood can be used in different ways around the home and as part of various design looks. It can be carved and shaped and layered to go with almost anything. To maximise what wood brings to a handcrafted style, focus on pieces that highlight the grain pattern of the wood.

Elevating the grain or combining different surfaces will bring attention to the texture of the wood, almost making you feel like you’re running your hands over it simply by looking.


Previously, rose gold was the hottest metal design trend, but the latest aesthetics are picking up on mixing metals for accent and warmth. From gold to brass, copper, and blackened metals, a combination of colours and textures makes your metal items and surfaces more interesting.

Look out for pieces with a sculptural and intricate use of metal that highlight the individual craftsmanship involved.

stone walkway in the garden


Natural stone, or composite materials such as terrazzo, are useful in a handmade design because of the individuality they bring. The unique patterns of marble and terrazzo are perfect as a background complement, while also retaining a touch of personality.

Using natural stone in large format tiles can create slabs of negative space, creating breaks in the design and allowing the eye to focus on visual details found in your statement pieces while feeling the textural variation in the stone surface.

Decorative art

To really make a handcrafted aesthetic come alive in your home, you have to put in the effort when it comes to selecting art pieces and décor. It is all about having a carefully curated look. Anything that was obviously mass-produced has no place in this sort of design.

On the other hand, you will be more than justified to seek out antiques and custom-made items. Handmade ceramics with imperfections, woven textiles with traditional fabric or patterns, convey instant uniqueness versus anything you could buy at a store.

Curating for a handcrafted aesthetic is all about self-expression in every way possible. Look for pieces that tell the story of your travels, for example; or pieces that express your personality through small details – these are what really deliver the value of craft into your home.

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