Five Tips from Protecting Your Vacant Property

Vacant Property

Isn’t a large parcel of land nice to have? In the future, when the property value has increased, you can sell it for a profit. But for some people who live far away from their vacant lot properties, these might pose different kinds of problems: trespassers, informal settlers, and various kinds of accidents. You’ll be surprised to know that freak accidents—a bolt of lightning that causes fire or a trespasser who hunts and gets shot on your land—can be your liability.

Fence It

The easiest way to protect your property is to install metal fences and gates. There should have a large sign outside the fence, indicating that it is private property. That should throw people off. You can talk to a contractor regarding the right kind of fence that you should put up. The fence should be high enough that people will not be able to climb it.

Put up Signs

There should be signs on your property every 50 yards or less. The signs should be in bold, capital letters. Putting up a “no trespassing” and “private property” signs should ward off criminals from entering your property. If there are still some “brave” ones who would dare enter the property, it is important to prosecute them. This will warn other people not to mess with your rules.

Install Cameras

Some cameras will allow you to monitor your property even if you are thousands of miles away. You can just log on to the account, and you can see what’s going on in your property. Just make sure that you’re investing in something waterproof because you never know when it’s going to rain suddenly.

Vacant Property

Hire a Caretaker

You can hire someone to live in your property—after you’ve built a shed for him, of course. You can also hire someone to visit your property twice or thrice a week. That someone will report the state of the property to you.

Rent It Out

Here’s a good idea if you have such a large parcel of land: Rent it out. You can use the money to take care of the property better. You can save it for the maintenance of the property. You may even use the money to pay off the taxes, debts, and insurance of the vacant lot.

Buy Insurance

Yes, there is such a thing as vacant lot insurance. This kind of insurance will protect you from anything that will happen on your land. If a fire breaks out because your land has gotten struck by lightning, you can be held liable for the damages to surrounding and neighboring properties. The insurance can cover for you. If a trespasser gets attacked by an animal while on your land, they can file a case against you. Again, the insurance can cover the expenses of the litigation.

There is nothing more frustrating than being powerless over your property. You need to protect it as much as you protect the house where you live. Once you do, you’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing that there are safety and security measures that will not protect only your land but also yourself from liabilities.

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