5 Reasons Why Waterfront Living is Best For Your Well-Being

Waterfront Living

Is city living stressing you and your family out? Are you looking for a way to reconnect with nature and live a longer and happier life? Ever thought, “I wish I could go fishing with my family more often”? A waterfront property might be the right option for you and your family. So, if you’ve seen some waterfront lots for sale at Lake Murray, SC and you’re still on the fence about getting one, these benefits can help you decide:

#1 The Unmatched Serenity

No longer do you have to deal with the constant sound of cars, sirens, construction, and all the other blaring noise that comes with city life in your lakefront cabin — nor do you have to endure nosy next-door neighbors. The sound and sight of water and the calm and peaceful breeze can provide your family with a unique sense of tranquility that everyone yearns for after having to live in a busy city.

#2 Longer and Healthier Life

A waterfront property can extend your life. There’s even a study showing that living near water can lower the risk of mortality by up to 17%. The lack of stress-inducing noise and atmosphere and the significantly lower amount of pollution ensures that you and your family can live a longer and healthier life as compared to living in the urban jungle. You can freely go outside your home and breathe in fresh air untainted by smog and have access to numerous physical activities (which we’ll be tackling next).

#3 So Many Available Activities

One of the best benefits when living adjacent to bodies of water are the numerous activities you can do. You no longer have to travel miles to go fishing, kayaking, or swimming, as it’s available to you right after you step out of your waterfront property’s front door. And even if you’re not into watersports or other ‘active’ physical activities, the short-to-long walks to and from your waterfront home can already be enough to get you moving and sweating to stay or get fit.

Waterfront Living

#4 The Exotic View

Whether you’re driving to your property, sitting on your waterfront home’s porch, or just taking a stroll around the area, you’ll be greeted with ever-changing and beautiful natural scenery. If you’ve picked the right spot, you can even enjoy a fantastic view of the sunset or sunrise and incredible flora and fauna every single day.

#5 A Good Investment for your Financial Well-Being

Waterfront properties are quite limited and sought-after, which make them fairly more costly but it also means that it generally retains its value over time and can even have significantly better resale value (should you ever consider selling it along the line) as compared to other properties in the suburbs or the city hub. If you’re also purchasing a waterfront property as your family’s vacation home, you’re also given the option to rent it out for the rest of the year when not in use. As such, this makes a waterfront property a good investment not only for you and your family’s physical and mental health but also for your financial health.

The Takeaway

Living adjacent to water provides a plethora of mental and physical health benefits, and can also be a great investment opportunity. So if you and your family are looking for a way to escape the health-detrimental stresses of city life, or want to live a long and healthy life and be closer to nature, waterfront living is arguably great for you.

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