Window Tint vs Blinds: Which is the Better Choice?

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Summer, for most people, is the best time of the year. This is the season when families can enjoy the beauty of beaches, relax under the warm weather, and just go somewhere to get some fresh air. But there is one thing about summer that’s not so pleasant- the heat.

A little heat is bearable, but too much can be a problem, especially if you have a home that can warm up quickly. Light enters through the glass windows, and if you have a lot of windows open all the time, a lot of heat can come in and make your house warmer than usual.

Keeping it cool would require more power and electricity. However, you can regulate heat and light by using curtains, blinds, or simply tinting your windows. You need to find the best option to keep your home shaded and cool. The question is, should you go with window tinting, or settle with blinds?

Home window tinting companies based in hot AZ share these tips:

When should you go for blinds?

Blinds are an excellent option if you want to enhance the beauty of your home while adding an accent to your windows. Blinds can match any furniture and decor since you will find many choices in the market. They are also good when it comes to regulating heat from the outside, or direct sunlight, so you can keep your home dark during the summer days.

However, if your goal is to achieve a cool atmosphere inside your home, then you will need to consider other alternatives for your window.

The Benefits of Window Tinting

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Window tinting is getting popular nowadays. Many homeowners invest in window tint instead of blinds because of the following reasons.

  • Heat is Reflected Through Tinting. If your window is tinted, this means it is covered with a dark film which makes your window dark and less visible. Yet, there is another bonus about window tinting that you will be thankful for – it can reflect the harsh sunlight. Tinting your window can maintain the coolness of your home during summer while saving you from too much cost of energy due to air conditioning.
  • Maintain Your Privacy Through Tinting. Tinted windows can boost your privacy because they can block the interior view from those people who are passing by your home. While the exterior part will show off a dark screen, everything can be seen clearly from the inside. You are not only protecting yourself and your family from the weather but also keeping out burglars and nosy neighbors.
  • Tinting Can Protect Your Eyes. No one is comfortable with wearing sunglasses inside their home, and that can happen during the scorching heat of summer. You can avoid this situation with the help of window tinting since the sun’s glare will be reflected. You don’t have to worry about sunglasses and enjoy the coolness of your home without a headache.

Blinds take the credit for a neat look and regulate sunlight, but for the heat reduction, glare resistance, and privacy, window tinting wins the battle! So if you are looking for all-year protection for your windows, your home, and your family, window tinting is your best choice. 

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