Plan the Perfect Proposal: What to Consider When Getting Engaged


Thinking of proposing to your beloved partner? Surprising your partner with a candlelight dinner, with the intent to propose, should not be expensive and challenging. Sometimes, all we need is to think outside the box and be creative when choosing the best and most meaningful place to be when we want to make our special person feel loved.

We gathered some ideas to help you plan the most romantic date with your soon-to-be lifelong partner. We also learned that planning that dream proposal should not be expensive but within a reasonable and affordable price range. In fact, some of the planning activities only demand the least effort, but it will surely give your partner a magical wedding proposal experience. To plan for the big day, you will need to consider the following:

1. Know Your Partner’s Dream Proposal

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have given your partner his or her dream proposal set-up. Knowing which place or what vibe your partner wants is something you should be aware of through your relationship. It is also best to consider your partner’s favourite music, drink, food, and other small details that will surely help you plan such a big event.

2. Choose a Meaningful Place

It is always romantic to propose in a place that is meaningful for both of you. It can be under the stars, inside the library where you first met, or in your favourite restaurant. If you are the type of couple who enjoys swimming and romantic ocean views, go for boat rentals similar to ones used for hen parties or a buck’s night. That will surely make your lover fall head over heels for your effort. After all, choosing the perfect place for a wedding proposal will definitely be cherished by your partner for a long time.

3. Buy the Most Beautiful Engagement Ring

Buying the most beautiful ring doesn’t mean buying the most expensive one. If you are on a budget, you may pick a ring that is symbolically beautiful and meaningful. Truth be told, there are many other romantic precious stones that your partner will surely appreciate when you give it heartfelt thought. Handmade or custom engagement rings are also trendy nowadays for people who want the ring a personal touch.

4. Write a Meaningful Proposal Speech

Nothing is more romantic than someone who prepared well to say all the right words before asking your hand in marriage. All you need is to spend some time recalling all the good times and memories you’ve shared. Imagining your future together may also help you write the most poetic and most sincere speech. You don’t have to memorise it, but knowing what points you want to highlight will make your proposal more romantic.

man proposing

5. Make sure to Capture the Proposal

Capturing your proposal is very important. We’ve seen couples break down over unrecorded proposals. To avoid this, we suggest that you do your best to hire a photographer or a videographer to record the big day. Intimate wedding proposals don’t have to happen unrecorded. In fact, it also adds magic to the momentous occasion because it will give you the opportunity to revisit the memory captured in photographs one day.

6. Decide Whether You Want to Invite Your Families or Not

Some people want to celebrate their engagement with their family and friends. Others consider it chivalrous and romantic to invite family members as witnesses to the proposal. The decision, however, may depend on the cultural traditions that you share as a couple. Should you consider inviting family members, it would be better to schedule the engagement party on the same day.

7. Choose the Right Menu with the Right Music

Choosing the right food also matters in creating a romantic vibe. If you have more budget, you may want to hire a local chef that will prepare your favourite go-to food as a couple. You can also up your game by paying for an expensive meal that will make the day more memorable. Picking the perfect proposal music that will play in the background as you enjoy a sweet moment together is a good way to end the day intimately.

Are You Ready?

Sometimes, the only way you’ll know that you’re ready to ask the question is by planning the day itself. Seeing yourself proposing and giving your best effort to make the big day as memorable as possible says a lot about your willingness to commit long-term. Consulting with your friends and asking help from your creative love ones about the big day will make the pressure lighter and bearable.

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