Warning Signs that Your Home Needs More Insulation

man applying insulation to ceiling

A properly insulated house is critical to the comfort of your home in all seasons of the year. Most homeowners never give much thought to their insulation until there are visible signs that something is amiss. Since slight issues with the same might be costly, it pays to keep an eye on the warning signs of inadequate insulation. Here are several of the telltale signs that your house is under-insulated:

A Fluctuating Temperature

This is the most visible sign, yet it’s the most difficult to notice. Since the weather changes constantly, most people assume that fluctuating temperatures inside the house are normal. This is wrong because your home ought to have even temperatures throughout. To determine this, you should move from room to room. If they have noticeably different temperatures, it is proof that the insulation is wanting. Understand that your HVAC system might be the main culprit regarding fluctuating temperatures. If it is working at optimal efficiency, however, you should contact an insulation company as soon as possible.

Increased Energy Bills

A drastic increase in your energy bills is a sign of under-insulation. This is because your HVAC system will have to use more energy to keep your home comfortable. If you notice spiking energy bills in the summer and winter, it is time to call a reliable insulation contractor in Kansas City. Inspecting your windows for cracks is essential. Understand that the problem might be in the attic. When settling occurs, insulation in the attic becomes less effective.

A Leaky Attic and Ice Dams on the Roof

If your attic is leaky, you need to check your insulation. When the attic is poorly insulated, water finds its way through effortlessly. Since water damage might mean problems such as mold, you should have the issue addressed immediately. Ice dams in the winter are proof of poor insulation. They occur owing to heat rising from your home and escaping through the ceiling. Ice dams can block your gutters after they melt and the runoff refreezes in the trenches.

Frozen Pipes

A pipe showing freeze damagePipes should work at optimal efficiency even in areas that face freezing temperatures. However, this is only possible if the insulation is installed right. If you notice that your pipes become inefficient in the winter, you need to contact a reliable insulation company. Understand that frozen pipes are likely to burst, which might mean extensive damage to property. Applying insulation when you notice a problem is cheaper and more convenient compared to repairing and replacing pipes.

Pests Inside Your Home

Pests find their way into a house through holes and crevices around windows and doorways. In some cases, the pests might bore more holes, which would also mean cold air entering inside your home and warm air escaping. While you can always call a pest control company, you should keep the critters out by sealing these crevices and openings.

It is essential to have your home inspected by experienced home insulation experts as regularly as possible. If your home has foam insulation, get in touch with reliable Kansas City spray foam insulation experts. Professional installers have specialized equipment that guarantees excellent inspections.

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