A Look at Sewer Backups and How to Avoid Them

man cleaning the sewer

Sewer lines are a delicate aspect of any home, so they require proper maintenance. Maintenance does not only mean calling a plumber to come and reverse a breakdown. It also consists of all efforts that ought to be put in place to keep your sewer lines clear. Simple habits, such as not draining any greasy fats and solid waste into the drains, may go a long way in keeping your sewer system clear.

Clean regularly

Sewer lines require regular cleaning to keep them clear of possible clogging. Call a plumber in Park City, Utah whom you may contract to come and clean the entire sewer system around your home. Occurrences such as flooding sinks and high water levels in the toilet may act as early signs of clogged water pipes. Upon learning that wastewater is taking too long to drain through the sink, it is not advisable to drain any more additional water as that may be a sign of a clog. Draining more water just allows for a buildup of pressure, which may cause your pipes to burst.

Reduce the pressure of water

Hydro Jetting sewer cleaning methodThe use of high water pressure puts a strain on your drainage system. Many people use such pressure, especially when showering. The drainpipes tend to choke as a result as they are not able to drain off the wastewater efficiently. The buildup of water on your bathroom floor is an indicator that you may be exceeding the required water pressure. That puts the drainpipes at risk of bursting as a result of an increased buildup of pressure.

Consider softening the water

Hard water often contains salts of calcium and magnesium that tend to build up in the pipes, resulting in clogged drainpipes. The accumulation of a white deposition around the shower heads and faucets acts as an indicator that the water in your home is hard. Unfortunately, clogged pipes arising from hard water may not be easily cleared using hot water. Salts of sodium may be used to reverse the effects of hard water in your sewer line system.

Steer clear of chemical cleaning products

The use of chemical cleaning products in your sewer system may result in more harm than good. Chemical products tend to gradually erode the drainpipes, making them thinner in the process. Remember that they do not unclog the pipes permanently. That means that they might still clog again in the future, resulting in the use of more chemical cleaning agents. With time, the pressure resistance of the pipes decreases to a point that they readily burst upon a small buildup of pressure. Instead, consider other natural drain-cleaning methods such as the use of hot water. The other option may be hiring a plumber.

A sewer backup, when not properly handled, may result in serious problems around your home. First, it puts your house items, such as furniture, electronics, and even the walls and floors, at risk of damage. Additionally, it places a house’s occupants at risk of contracting diseases such as stomach flu.

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