Three Ways to Shift Attitudes About Sustainability and Drive Change that Succeeds

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The modern age has seen trends of environmental degradation, and climate change worsens steadily with each year. At the same time, the reach and influence of information, through the internet and other media, has never been greater. Thus, more people than ever are aware of the problems we face on a global level, as well as the need to make human activities sustainable on every level. Yet each day, you may encounter many individuals who don’t practice sustainability, even when given a choice to do so. It takes a change of attitude to alter anyone’s actions in this regard. Here are some of the ways you can approach this challenge.

Enhancing perception and perspective

A lot of people are willing to make sustainable choices, but how do you know which option is the most environment-friendly? To make an informed choice, you need to exercise discernment and make an effort to do some research.

For instance, if your car sustains damage, at first, you might not care about what method would be used to restore it to factory condition. But ask more about the service, and you’ll find out that a technique like paintless dent removal relies only on skilled labor. It doesn’t require new paint and other finishing products, making it an eco-friendly option.

Sometimes, acquiring a broader perspective or more in-depth knowledge lets you know that sustainable options exist. Make that effort to look for more eco-friendly options and share that information with others.

Aligning values to action

In business, good leaders know they can attain peak performance and desired results when values are aligned with actions. The same principle extends to other organizations and people in general. We feel driven by a sense of purpose when the things we do echo what we believe in, deep within ourselves.

If you know someone who wants to contribute to a sustainable future but isn’t putting their beliefs into practice, consider their role before you seek to intervene. Is there a way for them to make a tangible difference, perhaps at work or within the community? Volunteering can bring like-minded individuals together and provide a means for their efforts to be translated into something greater. Helping to organize such events or bringing more people on board is an excellent way to show people that their beliefs and actions can make a real difference.

corporate eventDriving change to the status quo

Believing you can make a difference is also essential to overcoming another obstacle towards collective sustainability —the problem of inertia. People everywhere can become better-informed to make sustainable choices and exert their efforts to make a difference at work, around the house, or in the community. But the struggle for social responsibility always has to overcome the status quo in the form of obsolete policies and institutions.

As an individual, you may not have a vast amount of influence to change regulations. Still, you can refuse to swallow narratives about keeping the status quo and seek out the sort of leaders who believe in change. This way, more people can escape the shadow of old ideas and practices that have caused the problems of today.

Sustainability needs to go beyond being just another buzzword in our lives. To do so, we need attitudes to change on the individual level. By applying these measures in your everyday life, you can play a big part in making this happen.

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