Squeaky Clean Businesses: The Rise of Commercial Cleaning Tools

Commercial cleaning supplies in the building

If you own a restaurant, or a mall, or perhaps a hospital, one of the things that would concern you is sanitation. The cleanliness of your premises is open to daily scrutiny, and if not monitored properly, could lead to a negative image that would ultimately affect your bottom line.

Cleanliness is Crucial

For many businesses, cleanliness is now a strict requirement so they could operate and sell their services and goods to the public. But how do you clean a large area such as a mall or a hospital? For many companies, the answer lies in hiring commercial cleaning companies that use floor scrubbing machines that do the job in half the time.

How do floor scrubbers work?

While they come in all shapes and sizes, floor scrubbers are designed in the same way. Mechanical brushes or pads are attached to the machine’s underbelly. These brushes or pads rotate and disperse a cleaning solution onto the floor, and then this solution is brushed in a rotating manner to scrub the floor. The dirty water is collected by squeegees and sucked back up into the scrubber’s dirty water tank. The floor is cleaned and dried right after the scrubber passes over it.

What are the different types of floor scrubber?

Worker pushing a floor scrubberFloor scrubbers are designed in different shapes and sizes and configurations to suit a variety of needs. There’s the small push along machine that’s perfect for small areas, such as small to medium-sized restaurants. Another is the high-power ride-on version that’s perfect for factory floors or chain grocery markets. Between these two are a host of other floor scrubber versions that would fit both your needs and budget.

What to consider before getting a floor scrubber:

  • Floor area – How big is the area that needs to be cleaned? How much dirt do we need to make it clean? These are the first questions you need to satisfy before you get a scrubber because each floor scrubber is designed for a specific place of business in mind.
  • Electric powered or battery-operated – Electrically powered floor scrubbers (or those that need to be plugged in when in operation) cost much less than battery-powered ones, but the effectiveness is just the same. However, battery-powered machines tend to cover a wider floor area in a short amount of time as these are not constrained by an electric cable. They are highly-versatile and more efficient.
  • Noise considerations – A floor scrubber for factory floor cleaning will not work in the hospital setting, for obvious reasons. There are quiet machines, and there are those where noise is not a consideration.
  • Ease of use – While floor scrubbers were designed with ease of use in mind, and most of them are quite easy to use, the bigger machines require care in handling, especially if there are visitors around. However, certain safety features have been included in these machines such as a reverse warning bell and an emergency stop button to enhance its safety feature.
  • Floor layout – Consider as well what type of floor layout you have. Is it cluttered, like in an office setting, or are there wide open areas? Each floor scrubber machine has unique features that would suit a particular need, so make sure you are aware of all the possible applications for your floor scrubber.

One of the most commonly asked questions about floor scrubbers is its maintenance cycle. As with everything else, it is subject to normal wear and tear. Brush and squeegees would need replacement, and batteries would need to be checked. That’s why it’s crucial to get a floor scrubber from a reputable distributor that also offer maintenance services and parts replacement. Buying one would ensure that you meet health and sanitary requirements you need to meet under the law.

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