Why Self-love Industries Are Blossoming

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Under the World Health Organization’s definition of Quality of Life, it is defined as the view or perception of a person regarding how they live their life in the context of their nation, philosophy, significance, and moral code and relation to their benchmarks in life. Not only are people fighting for their life, liberty, and property through their respective constitutions, people are now also fighting for the quality by which they live their own life, freely choose whatever they desire, and acquire whatever possession they can. Quality of life is not a recent discovery. However, it is now more pronounced than ever.

The concept of quality of life is an ancient concept. However, it first came to pass only almost five decades ago in medical journals. Quality of life was used to make certain decisions regarding the health issues of dying patients. None of these were standardized at first. However, as the years went on, it became a regulated analysis to help choose whether to proceed with certain surgeries and applications for certain special cases.

Quality of life also has deep roots in philosophy as it was used to formulate judgments regarding the continuance of life. Patch Adams, a physician, comedian, and author, covered this topic extensively. While doctors treat most patients impersonally to avoid developing sympathy and attachment to their patients, he advocated improving the quality of life even for dying patients. His story was transformed into a very appealing and touching movie played by none other than the incomparable Robin Williams.

Currently, we have a wave of quality of life industries that have been in full force and effect since the dawn of the new millennium. It is now a $10 billion-dollar industry. How did it reach this point? Why are most businesses focused on self-love and quality of life blossoming through economic recessions and crises?

The Self-love Philosophy

The self is an essential focus of this generation’s philosophy. Loving oneself self is mainly putting your well-being above everything else. This generation is bombarded with different crises every day. Threats of war, famine, pandemics, crises, and violence are always on the news.

The toxicity of the environment the people are living in nowadays is extremely suffocating and lethal to everyone. Almost all the people are just merely trying to survive. Self-love is popular because it is readily available. Everyone is interested in prolonging and enjoying their own life. The technology needed to ensure a long and happy life is available and accessible to people now.


Focusing on the self gives a person a little sanctuary that cannot be taken away. The mind and the body are both concepts that cannot be stolen nor appropriated (hopefully) by anyone else. By focusing on them and making sure they are in the prime versions of themselves, they are assured of a long and happy life. Anxiety and depression are all too common illnesses of the youth.

Having a healthy body and mindset prevents falling into the diseases of the mind. Also, directing your efforts to the state of your body ensures that you get to enjoy life longer. As technology increases, so make the medicinal advances regarding the human body.

Intensive Marketing

Intensive marketing and educational efforts by life science marketing firms and schools emphasized the importance of quality of life. The entire culture of the newer generations has been hammered down with the concept of the self.

The quality of life became central to the way of living of most millennials and Generation Z. It is largely because of the efforts of schools and marketing philosophies. Schools accentuated the concept of the self because past generations put all their efforts into improving their careers no matter what. Marketing agencies focused on the self and quality of life because they sell more than previously effective. It became attractive to pursue the now instead of the later.

While in older generations, intimacy was central in almost every marketing campaign, now, the underlying notion of marketing waves is the concept of the self. Quality of life is now more attractive than the quality of education and career. Before, we emphasized the means before the end. Now, the end is the more pronounced and ultimate goal.

Quality of life businesses have always been popular throughout the history of mankind. Anything that will make life easier or more convenient will always sell. However, it is now more emphasized and appreciated than before. Through education and spreading awareness, focusing on the self became the focal point of how the current culture tries to live.

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