Protect These Vulnerable Parts of the House

Man removing wood damaged by termite infestation in house.

Provo is a relatively safe city in Utah, but it’s not without its fair share of incidents. It would be nice if you can improve the safety of your home, right? There are many things that can happen in the comfort of your home, where you think you’re at your safest. Fortunately, it takes little effort to improve the security of your house, especially in weak and unprotected areas. Take these exit points, for example:

Back Door

The front door usually gets all the reinforcements while the back or side door is left unprotected. You think it’s not easy to access from the gate without arousing suspicion and you catch a glimpse from the windows, but you’re forgetting that the family sleeps too.

That leaves plenty of time for burglars to find their way to the back door and gain entry into the house. The simplest way to protect this is to install heavy-duty locks — not those you can buy from the dollar stores — and check that the door is locked before you go to sleep or leave the house. No matter how expensive or sophisticated your locks are, if you forget to lock them, they are not doing anything.


Garages may not be connected to the main house, but they can still hold some of your most precious items. Those out-of-season clothes you kept in storage can be sold. Old appliances can go to a junk shop. Your vehicle may be tampered with.

Sophisticated burglars can also do something even worse, like breaking your garage locks so they can gain access again in the future. That garage door repair you keep postponing may even endanger someone’s life, especially if they spot you going into the garage and hold you up on the spot to give them what they want.

renovation of a modern house


It’s easy to check that the first-floor windows are locked. Don’t leave the windows on upper floors vulnerable just because you think they can’t possibly be entryways. Those near a tree may be easy to access from outside, and it makes the entrance and exit a breeze for burglars.

You may be confused about how they got in and out without being noticed and without breaking door and window locks. What you didn’t know was that one bedroom window pretty much invited them in.


Technically not a part of the house, these decorative plants look good —  as a hiding place for burglars. It gives them plenty of room to move around without you seeing them from the inside. Thick bushes coupled with an unlocked backdoor makes it so easy for burglars to come and go as they please.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to install a house alarm. Yes, you do not have to get rid of hedges altogether. However, a house alarm and a security camera can make them ineffective as a hiding place, so get those set up as soon as possible.

Burglars just need one vulnerable part of the house to gain entry. Aside from the front door, make sure every other exit is covered.

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