Prolonging Your Car’s Life Starts with the Engine

man checking the car's engine

If you notice that you have bought your third car in only a decade, there might be some issues with car maintenance. If your car of five years is visiting the shop more often, maintenance is possibly problematic, too. Even if you use auto gearbox treatment oil or limit the use of your car, proper car maintenance remains essential, particularly with your engine. The life of your car depends on a healthy engine.

Manual Cleaning

To make your car running more smoothly for many years, having a scheduled maintenance program is a minimum requirement. This schedule may be done in your garage or in an auto shop. The most important thing is that the engines are cared for regularly.

1. Change Oil and Air Filters Regularly

Your car’s filters get clogged over time. Replacing them every now and then during scheduled servicing or on your own will pay dividends in the long run. Air filters can also be washed clean and replaced less regularly as the oil filter.

2. Drive with Mechanical Sympathy

Driving smoothly is tantamount to caring for your car in whatever road condition you are in. This reduces wear, improving mileage considerably. While oil is warm and driving on smooth roads, rev your engine fully every few hundred miles to eliminate carbon deposit buildup.

3. Replace Spark Plugs and High-tension Leads

Replacing your plugs and leads can be done at home. To optimize the performance of your engine, do regular inspections. A spark plug is healthy if no melting, wear, or deposits are observed. Leads with cracks already mean that you need to replace them.

woman checking the engine of her car

4. Replenish Fluids Regularly

If you top up your car’s fluids as per schedule, expect your car to perform better and healthier. Engine oil that is dark and dirty should be replaced (except for diesel cars where diesel oil is mixed with soot during combustion, hence darker in color.

Carbon Clean Treatment

As mentioned above, scheduled oil changes are advised to reduce deposit buildup. But one option to take is engine flush treatment, which can limit the buildup significantly. One particular flush treatment that can guarantee a clean engine is carbon clean treatment using an engine decontamination machine.

In this automated treatment, a special fluid is driven by the machine through the car’s engine, cleaning the engine satisfactorily. Without these contaminants, an engine can run smoothly in fresh, clean oil. This, in turn, improves fuel economy and reduces emissions greatly.

The machine is run in an automated cycle. After the oil is drained, the machine pulse-pumps a cleaning fluid that is made of food-grade biofuel in three cycles. The first cycle circulates the cleaning fluid through the engine. The second is a soak. The third is recovery. All in all, this process only takes a quarter of an hour.

The engine is the CPU of a car. If it is left uncleaned and untreated, it wears over time, reducing performance and longevity. Regular cleaning of the engine and related parts is vital in keeping your car’s value for longer and more productive use.

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