Own an Icon: Top Three Reasons for Owning a Volkswagen

own an VW

Owning a car is something that many people think is essential. After all, mobility is a big deal. It gets you from your home to a holiday destination. It gets you from work to home. Regardless of the origins and destinations, it gets you from point A to point B. And when it comes to cars, there are many choices to pick from. These can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know what you want or you have a hard time defining your needs. But if you are looking to own a high-quality car that can be a great investment, Volkswagen will make a good choice. One may think that it is a car brand with a traditional leaning, but it has modernised itself in more ways than one.

Volkswagen is an icon, and that has been cemented by the Beetle. The ad “Think Small” even helped in popularising the pedestrian charm of the car, making it something that everyone can own and relate to. But Volkswagen is more than that. It has changed, and it has invested itself in improving itself. Whether it will be your first time to own a car or your third time to buy a new one, here are some of the reasons Volkswagen makes a perfect choice.

Heritage and History

Volkswagen has been around for too long—in fact, it could be your grandfather’s age. That means that Volkswagen has a long heritage and history to boast. But that is not just about longevity. It has been around for too long because people trust its engineering and quality. Germans are known to be exceptional when it comes to automotive and engineering, and this is something that Volkswagen has carried through the years. So when you own a Volkswagen, you actually own a piece of German heritage.


Volkswagen cars are flexible or versatile by nature. The brand has a lot of varieties and selections that suit everyone. If you want a small hatchback, there is the VW Polo. If you are into sedans, there is Passat. You are sure to find the Volkswagen that matches your needs and lifestyle. Flexibility also means that having your car repaired is easy. Finding VW parts supplier should not be that hard to find, knowing that there are shops and dealerships that offer such particular products and services.

Great Design and Performance.

own a Volkswagen

Because Volkswagen has mastered the art of engineering and automotive, you can expect that the car that you will own has a great design. Its silhouette is simple but it contributes to its smooth run and identifiable aesthetics. The same principles and disciplines are the same across the range. Other than the appearance, the performance of Volkswagen cars is deemed to be superior. This can be attributed to the impeccable auto engineering. And this is what makes it more than reliable.

Owning a Volkswagen is like owning a piece of history—or the future, as it has been constantly changing and reinventing itself in many ways. If you are considering to buy a car, consider different models of Volkswagen. You may want to ask your sales executive to learn more.

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