Marketing Tactics for the Modern Market: What Do They Want?

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The modern market is ever-changing. Nothing has been more diverse, as far as the market goes, than ever before. The internet age has allowed everyone to be an active participant in whatever market they choose to participate in. Market entry has become easier for those with little to no capital. All it takes is for the potential entrant to have a great idea for a business to launch it to the stratosphere.

The new-day market is fragile beyond imagination. There are many speculative pieces in the market that millions of people hedge on for their capital. Even the digitally based ones with years of business on their belts are not considered stable and safe. All it takes is for the entire internet to be shut down for millions of business models to fail.

Internet laws can be passed outlawing certain activities to be made on the Internet, and an entire arm of business may be cut off. The digital age is surprisingly fragile. Even if billions of man-hours are dedicated to its cumulative existence, a sequence of failures can shut it down so easily.

In 2019, a Cloudflare failure of a sequence of servers caused a huge chunk of the internet to go down. A single outage of electricity and backup electricity of server farms in Silicon Valley and the entire industries will collapse.

Modern-day markets still have trust in old-school industries that have established themselves through the centuries. Industries such as real estate, automobile, and utility are just a few of the established and stabilized industries most investors look at.

As a marketing advocate, what tips should you remember when focusing on these “darling” industries?

The Market Loves Stability

The market, meaning the customers and the investors both, loves stability. Nothing is as satisfying as to see that the company where you put your money and effort is stable. Just like in any relationship, having stability will put your mind at ease. Someone investing in a real estate asset would like the developer to be also liquid and committed to finishing projects. A company’s history will always be looked at.

The skill and records of car accident lawyers of automobile manufacturers or dealers will always be looked at by consumers and insurance companies alike. Having a clean record concerning failure rates of vehicles is a good showing of company stability. It is essential to show that despite various worldwide disruptions or economic breakdowns, the company continues to show up and shoulder on. It will send a direct message to potential consumers and investors that the company is in good hands.

The Market Loves to Profit


Investors and customers both love to profit. It is crucial to market the value and viability of the product to make a profit. There are two sides to the coin with this. The first is that the item must be expensive enough to ensure that the company makes a profit from its sales. The second is that the customers must feel like the value they have gotten off the item is maximized and worth it. An item’s value must be enough to feel like the consumer has won the end of the sale. The market loves maximizing the most out of the product.

The Market Loves Assurance

The market and the company should have an established relationship. Like any person cultivating a relationship, the market loves to get an assurance that the good relationship will continue. As marketing personnel, you must show your customers or potential investors that you are mindful of their needs, wants, and demands.

Even a small statement release will do wonders for the image of the company you are protecting. Always offer multiple ways to provide support for those who need it. Always be flexible in accepting and applying feedback, especially on all touchpoints of your processes.

The Market Loves Continuity

Lastly, the market loves continuity. Nothing is more reassuring than an entity that will stay the way you like it for a long period. Company continuity is something you should display and market, especially at turbulent and uncertain times. Many issues may surprise and confront companies.

A worldwide pandemic, for example, may disrupt business processes and productivity. The death of a prominent CEO may cause anxiety and uncertainty to a company’s investors, clients, and customers. Reassuring that the company will stay true to its course, mission, and goals will reward the company handsomely with more investors and customers despite tragedies and unexpected events.

Understanding the market helps improve business operations and ensures the company continues to develop. Even during tough times, the market should still be a consideration.

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