Just Married: Selling Homes to Newlyweds


A newly-married couple will likely look for a home to accommodate their new lifestyle. While they could consider an apartment, the temptation of the house all their own can be tempting. That is where you come as a property developer. There is a huge market out there that can target newly-weds and you can tap into it. But home buyers are a lot smarter nowadays, and they will be smart about their house hunting. Here are some tips that will help attract this particular demographic to your properties.

Show Off The Location

When people are hunting for houses, one of the first things they consider is the location. Developers shouldn’t just buy some empty land or property and expect it to sell because they built something on it. One of the big factors you have to look at is what is in the area. For example, your development is right outside town. While it might be distant from the main urban center, you should focus on the advantages of freedom and clean surroundings. It would be best if you also pointed out where essentials like schools, hospitals, and groceries are.

Highlight The Size

Newlyweds are likely looking to expand their family soon. Apartments are great if you are single, but they can be crowded when there are more than two people. Show off the size of the house you are selling. Depending on what they are looking for, they might be looking at how many rooms there are. Additionally, they might check the property for the potential of expansion in the future. Point out the size of the property and what they can do with it.

Install Some Features

If you want to clinch the deal, you should provide something more than a simple house. Modern living can be easier with some nice little features. For example, you can boast that your properties have insulated roofing systems and that they are all energy-efficient. Besides being ecologically-friendly, the house can give long-term savings on energy usage. In addition to practical features, you could also potentially install some luxuries like a backyard patio or grill. You can add these to your asking price, justifying the higher price to the home improvements’ added expense. Some newlyweds would be willing to pay extra for a few creature comforts.

Be Flexible With Your Price

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One of the big mistakes that a lot of sellers make is that they are inflexible with the price. They aim to get the maximum profit from the property. The problem with that approach is that it can chase away a sure deal. When it comes to selling, a closed sale is better than keeping a property on the market. 2020 data shows that 99 percent of sellers budged on their sale price for the final sale. Be welcome to suggestions on pricing and negotiation offers. If you still make a good profit, then you come out ahead.

Listen To Your Real Estate Agent

Property development companies have various members of their team. They each have their part to play, and when it comes to selling, it is the job of the real estate agent to help facilitate it. They are more aware of the market’s current condition than you and can suggest ways to ensure a deal happens. Remember that your agent is there to sell your properties, and if they say something needs to happen, they usually have a good reason for it. Have regular discussions with your agent to guide your development strategy and sales inquiries.

Build A Solid Reputation

When a couple is planning to buy from you, they will usually research your reputation first. You’ll need to take steps to build a reputation as a good property developer. One of the things that can help is a reputation of following the rules and keeping everything legal. There are a lot of legal gray areas when it comes to doing business in real estate. While you could easily legally cheat someone in a real estate deal, that will be bad for your reputation. Ensure that all your deals are legal and you deliver on all your promises. This ensures that buyers will be more likely to trust you.

When you sell a good property to a newlywed couple, you’re giving them a chance at a happy life. A home can positively affect many lives, and your customers will appreciate the new beginning that you give them. Besides helping them out, you also got a good profit. Overall, it is a win-win situation, which is ideal in many deals.

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