How to Organise and Make Space for Your Shoe Collection

Inner drawer in a cupboard with divider and holder especially for shoes

Whether you are the typical girly-girl who loves her high heels, a sneakerhead, or somewhere in between, there is a solution out there to help you keep your shoes in tiptop shape, accessible and organised. However, not all of us have the luxury of massive closet space and the budget for celebrity-like shoe closets.

Fortunately, you have some options for creating a neat and practical place for your shoes regardless of how small the space you are working with.

Utilise shelving in your other rooms

If you already have lots of shelves and not a lot of stuff to put in them, use them for storing your shoes instead. To keep your shelves looking neat, buy storage boxes used for storing photos or papers so you can line them up neatly on your shelves.

What’s great about these boxes is that they have label holders that you could use for putting small photographs of the shoes inside them.

Use boxes

If you want to display your shoes but still want them to keep them protected, opt for clear plastic boxes instead. You can also go with cardboard or fabric boxes with clear plastic windows if you are concerned about mildew. To freshen up your shoes, place a dryer sheet in each box.

Make space inside the walls

In an area where you have enough space to work with, install recessed shelving to create a space-saving shoe close. You can even set it up with lights that switch on whenever you open the closet door.

Safeguard them with drapes

two tone of drapes

If you’re concerned about dust and direct sunlight, hang drapes in front of your shoe rack in your Singapore home. This is likewise a very practical and functional option if you live in a small abode, as is very common in Singapore, and if you don’t like the cluttered look of shoes out in the open.

Choose a fabric and drapery track that complements the space’s aesthetic to get a cohesive and clean look that will keep the area from looking busy and maintain easy access to your precious shoes.

Consider custom closets

If you have the budget, go for a built-in closet. Built-ins look and feel very contemporary and sleek and are perfect for hiding shoes. When organising a built-in shoe closet, place shoes you rarely use or seasonal ones on the upper shelves and place your commonly used in the easily accessed shelves.

Get pullouts

Pullouts are usually used for organising pantries, but they can also be used for shoes. Just pick a wall that you can work with. You can also opt for smaller drawer pullouts if you lack enough space for bigger pullout cabinets.

Make use of all the nooks and crannies in your home

Spaces under sharply angled ceilings and under stairs are usually not maximised for use, but these are great spaces you can use for storing your shoes.

Shoes are usually some of the trickiest things to store unless you’re blessed with a huge walk-in closet for holding all the pairs of shoes you own. The above storage and organisation ideas, however, will help you maximise the available space in your home.

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