How the Construction Industry Has Changed

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The towering buildings, facilities, and our very homes are products of construction companies. For many years, these companies have been inclined to building our buildings and designing them for our comfort. But buildings aren’t the only projects that they have constructed all these years.

The bridges and roads that we use are products of construction companies, too. Without these companies, we wouldn’t be able to see the great infrastructure that stands to this day. They are also the ones that have provided us with comfort and shelter over the years.

The Birth of Construction

The idea of construction was developed between the years 9000 BCE and 500 BCE. This era was commonly known as the New Stone Age, where construction began. Unlike today, the materials that were used during this era were limited to rocks, stones, mud, and mammoth ribs. Tools were also limited. But it is interesting how primitive men developed tools with the use of stones and sticks. Men were creative, to begin with.

It was then during circa 2575 to 2465 BCE where cut-stone construction emerged. This is when people started using stones to create temples. Fresh stone materials have emerged such as limestone, granite, and sandstone. Using these materials, people were able to construct more durable buildings. These buildings brought wonders and amazement to ancient people.

Later on, the construction industry continued to evolve. It was in the late 1850s to 1880 when England and France created another milestone in the construction industry. This time was known to be the first widespread use of cement in building construction. This innovative construction gave light to a new era of the construction industry.

Modern Construction

To this day, the construction companies continue to create greater concepts and designs to be used in construction. Modern construction technology has made it easier to create model houses and buildings. Modern architecture began to emerge during the 20th century using new materials such as glass, steel, and concrete.

Buildings these days are formed using advanced technology. Through the help of technology, engineers are able to design buildings with less time and minimum use of cost.

The Use of Technology

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The development of today’s architecture is advancing with the help of technology. The use of software to design buildings is part of how the construction industry has changed. One of the technology that construction professionals use is building information modeling (BIM). BIM is a 3-D model-based process that helps engineers and architectures have insights to plan the building efficiently.

This also helps them construct, design, and manage building infrastructures. Study shows that 32.7% of builders are building infrastructures with the help of BIM. Builders are now taking advantage of the latest technology to create outstanding buildings.

Home Construction

Builders are receiving a great deal of demand to build new homes. As one of the most demanded buildings, homeowners tend to have more requests from home builders, such as the quality of their homes, security, and design. Expectations have increased ever since the birth of modern architecture. People want their homes built using various materials with limited time.

Materials these days are not as durable as those before. Because of the high demand, the supply was slowly decreasing. Limited supply resulted in delicate materials. This is one of the reasons  most construction companies are investing in imported products. This is to ensurs that durable materials are used in construction.

Homes are now equipped with fire alarms and security systems. Construction companies make sure that their buildings are designed with a maximum-security system. These days, smart security is installed in homes. But construction companies also make sure that your home has an additional lock system.

That is why most of them are installing today’s most popular lock systems that include euro cylinder locks. Construction companies guarantee the security of homes and buildings. This is to avoid construction defects that could cause ruin their reputation.

The Future of the Construction Industry

Even with the steep decline in construction in the year 2020, the construction industry will continue to evolve. Construction professions are already looking into the future of the industry. It is highly possible that in the next few years, the construction industry will be taking a huge step forward in its development.

The application of digitalization is what most people are looking forward to—how these construction companies will be using technologies such as AI, VR, and 5G-powered electrification. Aside from the application of technology, future buildings will be built using organic methods for better energy efficiency. The future of construction will also focus on environmental awareness and efficiency.

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