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The housing real estate market is very competitive. It is especially true now as we find ourselves amid economic uncertainty, political instability, and a pandemic with no end in sight. As such, home-owners interested in selling must take the necessary measures to maximize their property’s sales potential.

Ways to do this include making repairs, creating a welcoming atmosphere, finding individual appeal, and properly managing expectations.

Making Repairs

There is nothing worse for a potential buyer than visiting a property and finding a water leak, mold, unpainted walls, or broken windows. Aside from the extra money necessary to repair these things, a damaged home is a bad reflection of the owner. It is a sign of someone who is probably lazy, irresponsible, and uncaring. Besides, if things so obvious to the eye like windows and walls are not well-kept, who knows what other problems the house might have?

So make the necessary repairs before you begin the sales marketing process. If there is a wall that needs to be painted, do it. If you go outside and the grass is too long or filled with weeds and garbage, cut it and clean everything up. Finally, if there is something wrong with a water pipe, hire a reputable water damage repair services provider and get it fixed. Don’t wait until it’s too late and a potential buyer has already started looking elsewhere.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

A home with a welcoming atmosphere is one visitors like to stay in, not just visit for a few minutes at a time. Sure, most real estate agents and housing experts believe in the concept of depersonalization. If the house you are trying to sell is too unique to you, it will lose universality and prospective clients won’t be able to imagine themselves living inside.

Still, remember that your property is not a product. It’s not a car in a showroom or a jacket in a shop window display. You are selling an idea, a lifestyle.

So, remove what’s unnecessary, wipe what needs to be wiped, and make things tidy. But don’t make your house cold and unfriendly. Try to find a balance between warmth and commercial interest.

Find Individual Appeal

Every house has an appeal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s old or new, big or small. The key is finding that appeal, remembering what made you buy it in the first place. Unless it was a gift from someone else, there must have been something very specific that you liked.

A few questions you could ask yourself when looking for a distinctive selling point include:

  • What is the first thing you noticed about the house that you liked?
  • What convinced you to make the final decision to buy it?
  • Are there any things you didn’t notice at first, but now you enjoy?
  • Aside from the house itself, what did you like about the area? Was it the convenience or the neighbors?
  • If the main reason is not money, why do you want to sell it? Is it because of the house itself or something external like the end of a relationship or a career change?
  • If you could go back in time, would you buy it again? Why or why not?

By asking yourself these and other questions, you will not only find your home’s unique appeal but also realize whether you want to sell it or not.

Managing Expectations

Apartment Buildings

There are plenty of ways to sell a property. You could hire a freelance real estate agent or work with a large agency. You could also place individual listings on housing sites or print media such as newspapers and magazines. Finally, you could go through your personal and professional networks and make use of social media.

The important thing is not how you sell but rather avoiding mistakes and handling this process most effectively. Remember that not everyone will like your property, and many will think it’s overpriced. Understand that it’ll take time to sell, even if you’re lucky.

If you manage your expectations from the start, you will not only be more realistic about the outcome but also avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress.

Selling a house is something many people have to go through at one point or another in their lives. Things change, kids move out, jobs and careers take different paths, and relationships are made and broken. If you find yourself in need of selling yours, make sure you make the appropriate repairs first, create a welcoming atmosphere, and find a unique appeal to your property.

And don’t forget to be realistic about your expectations. By doing so, you will be more than likely to succeed.

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