Health and Safety Concerns to Watch Out for and Remove from Your Attic

Asbestos Related Diseases

Attics are often the subject of urban legends and horror stories everywhere. While these tales may just be a figment of people’s imagination, there are plenty of real-life dangers that you may encounter in that part of your home. Attics are susceptible to a number of hazards, and this time is a good opportunity for you to check if yours is hazard-free. If you don’t want those real-life horror stories to come true, then here are a few suggestions on what you can watch out for and do to protect yourself and the members of your household:

Inspect for Mould

One of the most common problems that people have to deal with regarding their attics is the accumulation of mould as a result of the humidity of the area. Not only will it most likely damage items that you’ve stored there such as spare furniture, old books, toys and clothing, but it can also endanger your family’s health. Mould releases spores that can enter the lungs and cause respiratory illnesses. Simply closing it down won’t help because mould can spread to other areas via the air if the place has been opened already. You’d need to either clean the attic out yourself and dehumidify it or contact a professional removal service to do it for you.

Hazards in your attic

Assess Structural Integrity

Any part of your home that you leave unattended for the longest time is prone to eventual degradation. Of course, if a part of your house is weakened, then the people living in it are at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Wood, in particular, can easily degenerate and warp when it is exposed to moisture as the material has a tendency to retain it. In the event that you see signs such as cracked flooring and brittle beams, then it might be a good time to call carpenters or a construction company to have it renovated.

Remove Asbestos

Once a commonly used material for buildings because of its inherent resistance to fire, asbestos is no longer allowed in any structure because of the health risks it imposes. Just like mould, the material can also get into the lungs and make it harder for people to breathe. If you live in an old house in Perth, then you’d want to have it inspected to be sure that you’re not endangering your family. Once you’ve confirmed the presence of asbestos, you should have it removed immediately before the members of your household inhale it any further. This makes it important that you hire a certified company that can remove asbestos to prevent complications.

Whether you’ll be using your attic for storage or as an extra living space, it’s important that you keep it well-maintained. You can choose to either do the cleaning and repairs yourself or contact a company to do the tasks for you if you can’t find time due to your busy schedule. What matters is that you ensure that your attic is safe for you and your family to use. Your home should be a healthy and secure place, so its parts should be so as well.

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