How to Make Your Event Planning Business a Standout

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Event planning is an exciting industry. Sans the coronavirus pandemic that led to the cancellation of events, this industry has been growing at such a rapid pace for the past decade. Between fiery music festivals, extraordinarily expensive weddings, and lavish company events, the industry did not lack for events to cater to or compete over.

But when the pandemic happened, a lot of these companies have to make do with whatever event they can get their hands on. It makes it more imperative for an event planning business to stand out. After all, at a time when economies are in shambles and people are in the doldrums about what will happen next, events are still far and in-between. Many are still wary of diving into hosting a public event that might not have the same reception as before the pandemic.

Offer Something More

What kind of services did you offer before? What services are you offering now? Many companies have finally gone back to offering their full range of services. With the country’s rapid vaccinating effort, it’s only a matter of time before things go back to normal (at least, for those who are vaccinated). But as an events company, you need to separate yourself from the others. You need to offer something that others don’t.

Do more than plan an event. Be an event supplier, too, for example. Instead of looking for suppliers to partner with, you can provide the supplies you need for an event. Find a metal fabrication company that can create stage equipment and backdrops. You can have these fully customized since many companies have on-site welding capabilities for the perfect fit of every design component.

Host Online Events

Do you know how stressful it is for companies these days to host an event? Since many haven’t transitioned yet to face-to-face events, they must hold their events online. Like physical events, these are hard to organize since it involves moderating the event, inviting resource speakers and attendees, and making sure that the event caters to everyone’s needs. These companies need an event planner and supplier to make sure all are in place. Your creativity and resourcefulness will be put to test when organizing a virtual event.

Don’t run away from the challenge. Show clients that you take an innovative approach to hosting online events. Study your options carefully. If you make a name for yourself in the realm of hosting and organizing online events, you could be a pioneer at a time when the world has been turned upside-down.

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Market Like Crazy

Whether through traditional or social media, market your business like crazy. Use every method you can get your hands on. Make sure you never miss a day without trying to reach out to your potential clients. Ask clients if you can post about their events on social media. If it’s a huge event, offer to give a discount for the chance of featuring them on your social media page, or for a chance to get mentioned on their social media posts. Work with social media influencers because they have a lot of followers. Find out how you can get a shoutout on their pages.

For traditional marketing, you can use digital billboards, print ads, and a mention on the local radio station. You can even sponsor local events and make sure your logo and company name are visible to the participants. Putting up posters and giving away flyers can also attract your market.

Build Partnerships

Work with local businesses, either in the same or different industry. Create a kind of reciprocal partnership wherein you will help market their business, and them yours. Although event planning and organizing is a highly competitive industry, this shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to your competitors. You don’t have to fight over a market; not if you can share a slice of the pie.

It is not always an ideal setup, but collaborations have led to a lot of beautiful projects. Your competitors are not your enemies. They can be your partners. A business can be more successful if it knows how to build bridges instead of burning them.

Standing out in a sea of ordinariness is always difficult but if you don’t do this, another business will. Do you want to look from the sidelines as this business flourishes and hits its quotas? Don’t you want to be the kind of business that everyone looks up to? The kind that innovates, engages, reaches out, collaborates, and adjusts? These are the things that all businesses should strive to be.

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