Designing School Bathrooms


Students frequently use bathrooms in schools and colleges. It is the restroom for all their needs. Although this place is visited at least twice to thrice a day, the maintenance of this area must be kept well. There are school workers like the janitors and janitress assigned to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Since there are still little children learning how to use this room, there may be cases wherein unhygienic and unsanitary things may happen.

Other people using this place may feel uncomfortable. The goal of a school bathroom is to be able to entertain the most number of students at a time. There are specific designs that must be followed to have a convenient and suitable bathroom. Here are some designs that a bathroom must have:


It is essential to put partitions inside the men’s and women’s restrooms. It helps in accommodating a lot of students at a time. Since the population is big, there must be partitions if there are too many people in the restroom. This must be durable, and there should be a proper elevation of the board. Consider the height of students and base it with the partition needed.


There are bathroom vanities for sale that can be placed in schools. It is a solution on how to manage the area where the sink is. It is always best to make it laminated to avoid scratches and dents. This can help in the sanitation of the facility. With its good aesthetics and antibacterial effect, it can surely keep the students healthy. If school board members are checking the establishment, they do not just only focus on the façade but also on the inner parts of the school. Make sure that the vanities are well-maintained without any vandals and markings. In case of repairs, you may claim its warranty to the appropriate company.



Choose the flooring of your bathroom, which can handle cracking and scratches. Certain types of floor are more prone to these damages and dirt build-up. Make sure not to use them. Tiles are examples of what is the recommended fixture in this room. Aside from its durability, it also has unique designs you can choose from. It can add to the total aesthetics of the area. Just make sure that it is cleaned and mopped if needed. As the floor also keeps bacteria and germs in its corners and holes, the school worker assigned in the bathroom must see to it that the area is well sanitized to avoid any diseases occurring on the health of students.

The bathroom is an essential structure in a school. It provides the needs of students and other staff. It is vital to keep this clean to prevent diseases and illnesses. The health of the students is in the sanitation and cleanliness of all areas and not just the bathroom. Although this is the most used facility, it is ideal for solving any issues that may occur here.

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