Deep Cleaning: How to Do This to Satisfy Your Hotel Guests

Clean Hotel Room

Hotels are “homes-away-from-home.” As such, people value the same things that they value when they are in their homes. One of them is cleanliness. In places such as Orpington, there is a good flow of people always coming in and out of such establishments. It is a challenge to find time to have a deep cleaning. During a scheduled deep cleaning, it is important to know what areas need to be tackled.

Carpets and Rugs

Vacuuming and shampooing carpets entail physical strength. Then, time is needed to let the carpets dry thoroughly. A good option is to avail of a commercial carpet cleaning service. Their revolutionary method will make deep cleaning carpets an easier task. Also, they will need less time. The result is more efficient than using traditional cleaning equipment. 


Although the bedding is constantly being changed, the bed itself should be cleaned. Vacuum mattresses and check if the box spring needs replacement. Make sure that the bed frame is still sturdy. Bed cleaning must also include bed bug inspection. 

Bathroom Tiles

One of the major turn-offs for hotel guests is a dirty bathroom. Cleanliness in the bathroom is more than keeping it dry. Tiles could accumulate grime and scum. Deep-cleaning the bathroom will give it a shine that guests will notice. Cleaners that work well are bleach, vinegar, and baking soda solutions

Shower Curtains

These items are not as regularly replaced as bedding. But the hotel staff must make sure that they are always presentable. Aside from changing curtains before they are too dirty, moldy, or soaked, one must clean the hooks and the rod. Hooks should be soaked in white vinegar and scrubbed clean after. A new curtain and shiny hooks and rods will make the tub or shower look more inviting.

person using a squeegee to clean the window


With the heavy drapes on, some might overlook this part of a hotel room. But some guests are very meticulous with every nook and cranny of the room. Window glasses should be washed periodically. Also, clean sills and frames. A more important part is to check if the lock mechanisms are working. This is to ensure the safety and security of hotel guests. 

Walls and Doors

Wipe the walls, working from the floor going up. Wall outlets and switch plates should also be given attention. Clean the doors and polish knobs. Make sure that the hinges, knobs, and locks are working and not rusty. Overhead Dusting and Light Bulbs 

Dust the top areas of the room. Do not let a pile of dust accumulate on top of wardrobes. Also wipe clean smoke detectors, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. These are things that a hotel guest may not take notice of. But nobody wants to wake up and stare at a ceiling full of cobwebs. 

Upholstery and Furnishings

Vacuum upholstery, paying close attention to crevices between cushions. Make sure that dirt and crumbs are removed from it. For wood and metal furnishings, clean with an appropriate polish. Making these things gleam adds to the impression of the room.

With the influx of guests, it may not be feasible to tackle these areas as often as you would want. Deep cleaning schedules can be spaced between two or three months. Housekeeping is more than a quick swipe of the rag. Neglecting this aspect can earn negative feedback from guests. On the contrary, excellent housekeeping has advantages. It can earn customer satisfaction and a good possibility of a repeat booking. Recommendations and referrals are also possible. 

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