Creative Ideas to Market a Residential Property


The real estate industry has never succumbed to stagnancy. Even in difficult economic periods, people are into renting or buying residential properties. Thus, a real estate agent or even a homeowner must be innovative. They must find ways to keep the property on the radar of possible buyers.

There are many techniques to advertise a residential property. These strategies are a mix of technology and creativity. You must also have a basic understanding of what the consumers want. When you hit all these three criteria, the result is a property that sells fast in the market. An easy-to-navigate website is a must. Aside from that, here are more effective marketing for your residential property.

Make Sweeping Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are now becoming a trend in the real estate industry. This technique is a lifesaver for busy clients or for those who live far from the listings. It is an online walkthrough of each room of the house. You can start with still photo tours or a photo gallery. The key here is to get a professional photographer that specializes in real estate. This is an excellent way to give a glimpse of the house.

Then you can move on with more detailed views such as 3-D floor plans and video tours. You can even incorporate music, narration, or texts to capture the buyer’s attention. Again, you may need a professional videographer for quality output. But, if you have enough skills and the right equipment, you may try to do it on your own.

What others forget with this strategy is that the outside is as important as the inside. Do not commit the same mistake. Incorporate outside shots. You may use a drone for a more comprehensive view. Do not forget to apply acrylic coating solutions to your roof. The drone can capture its sheen and durability even from afar. Also, showcase your beautiful landscape to entice the potential buyers’ senses.

Try Experiential Marketing

Buyers would feel more connected with a property if they have unique experiences in it. For one, you can hold an event on the property and invite some people. You or an expert could give a talk about matters in real estate. Examples of topics may include what to look for and avoid when buying a house.

If the property you are selling has a rich history, you could use this angle. Take them to another era by recreating a room in this period. Think about elements such as furniture, smell, or lighting. Prop some backdrops or set real images that celebrate the culture of the area. They can snap some selfies here as a keepsake of the event.

Another excellent idea is to hold an open house and have partnerships with local brands. As the small group of people move from one room to another, they can enjoy offerings from pop-up shops. For example, as they walk through the kitchen, local vendors could offer various items. These could range from spices to kitchen appliances.

Highlight the Local Culture of the Area

Some people might only focus on the features of the house they would like to buy. But for some potential buyers, they are also looking at what the area could offer.

Take an extra mile by creating a video showcasing local restaurants or entertainment. For someone thinking of settling in a place, this could be a convincing factor. Take snapshots or videos of the local cuisines or interview restaurant owners. Potential buyers might get excited about such promotions.

Use What is Trending

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People are very keen on what is popular at the moment. To catch the attention of people, you can try using some trending ideas.

You can try having a fun quiz on your website about some trivia in the local area. Engage your readers with information that may be new to them. This could be about the history of the place, famous people who may have lived there, or even if they would fit in a certain town. These kinds of quizzes are all over the internet, and people love taking them.

You can also write a blog using the most famous memes at the moment as images. This strategy will help the readers relate to your content.

Keep in Touch with Past Clients

Relationships with clients do not end the moment you close a deal. You can nurture your relationships with them. Start by sending a small housewarming package. You can also send them a message now and then. Your past clients are very important because they can give testimonials. They can even refer you to others. Word-of-mouth is a very affordable yet effective marketing strategy.

Competition in the real estate industry is stiff. You have to think of techniques that will make your properties stand out. But, you also have to make sure that your property offers something of great value. No marketing strategy can equal this fact. No matter how catchy your strategy is, buyers will still turn down a property that does not meet their needs.

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