Attracting Homebuyers with These Suggestions

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Whether you’re selling a home because you’re moving to a new one or want to lessen your responsibilities, it can be a difficult task to find someone willing to shell out some serious amount of money for your property.

This is one reason why Americans spend thousands of dollars annually in home maintenance, aside from the fact that they—the current homeowners—also want to experience the comfort of a well-maintained home.

The spending can be on maintaining the yard pool, keeping the roof strong and sealed to withstand strong winds and storms, or keeping the property looking brand new with frequent painting maintenance work.

But the focus shouldn’t only be on the house’s external appearance; the inside matters, too.

So, if you’re trying to pretty up your home for people to get interested in buying it, what are the things you should focus on?

Here are a few tips to guide you at the beginning of your home selling journey:

1. Install mirrors in narrow areas.

Even if the home you’re about to put up for sale is relatively big and is considered spacious, considering other houses in the market, this tip still applies. If you put mirrors in narrow areas, you can make the property seem larger.

The reflection of light from the mirror will add to the brightness of the property’s space. Mirrors in halls will make people walking along them feel like they’re walking in a castle’s big halls.

What a way to impress a potential home buyer, right?

2. Maintain your garden.

Even if wintertime doesn’t allow you to keep your garden alive and pretty, you should take the chance during other seasons where you can tend to it and make it look good. Tidy up your garden’s borders and lawns to make it look nice and clean.

If you have to put up photos of your property online, you could present your home in the best way possible with its well-maintained garden. You don’t want to post a photo of your garden at its worst possible state because you don’t maintain it.

A trick is to take pictures during spring when your plants are in full bloom. Make sure that your home’s Trex fences are built with quality and look sturdy and clean. That’ll surely keep interested property viewers wanting more.

3. Keep your home warm.

If your home isn’t exposed to enough sun, especially during wintertime, the tendency is that it can feel a bit cold and dark inside. Months before you start receiving potential buyers to view your home, make sure to turn your heater on and get your home used to the warmth.

So, when the potential buyers come in, they’ll feel your home’s warmth and feel right at home. This is important because no home that feels cold gives the impression of being welcoming and giving home buyers a negative impression.

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4. Market at the right time.

In selling anything, the right timing matters. You want to meet the demand at a time when it’s high—it increases the chances of closing a sale. In this case, it’s your home, which is worth thousands to millions of dollars.

Zillow found that the best time to market your home is before or at the beginning of spring. Residential properties listen around that time sell six days faster than other listings put up before and after.

You don’t want to list your home at the wrong time at let it sit there doing nothing.

That means the fixing up efforts should be made before springtime to get your property ready for home buyers. You’d want to be prepared to meet expectations.

5. Work with the right real estate agent.

Not all real estate agents are made equal. Some will be able to work with you just fine; some won’t.

That’s why it’s important to spend time looking for suitable real estate agencies that can recommend and direct you to the best real estate agents, depending on your area, property type, and target buyer.

Expertise, experience, attitude, and the grit to make a sale should be the qualities you look for in a real estate agent. You want someone with enough knowledge to keep both yourself home buyers informed.

6. Put up precise ads.

Of course, advertisements are made to attract buyers’ attention. But that doesn’t mean you should set unrealistic expectations you know your property can’t meet. The last thing you want is to lose a buyer because you failed to meet the expectations you set.

To make sure you don’t get any problems with this, compose your listings with full honesty about the state of what you’re selling. This prevents your time and the buyers’ time from being wasted.

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