4 Essential Business Methods for Handymen


If you’re good with your hands and you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, then you might as well monetize your skills and know-how. Homeowners are always looking for people to do basic repairs and minor renovation projects, and only a few possess the skills necessary to do the job.

While plumbing and electrical work may require training and certification, nothing is keeping you from doing basic carpentry or repair jobs for homeowners. But whether you want to do general tasks or focus on garage door spring repair, it’s essential to learn a few basic management skills to give your business that professional edge.

Here are a few ways to improve your handyman business:

1. Focus on the jobs that people don’t want to do

Homeowners are more than willing to outsource not only the jobs that they can’t do but also the ones they don’t want to do. One easy way to make you popular among homeowners is to take on essential but undesirable jobs.

Some of the least popular household jobs include cleaning and organization, painting, moving furniture, minor carpentry, and landscaping. Make it a point to mention all the services you’re willing to offer so clients will start thinking of all the jobs they can outsource to you.

2. Learn new skills

If you’re the type who’s generally good with tools and physical jobs, then you’ll always be in demand. Household problems are never in short supply, and homeowners are always looking for a quick fix. But if you want your business to grow, you might want to learn new skills and specialties.

Focus on learning a particular skill set so you can add more services to your repertoire. It’s best to go deep than to go wide, especially when it comes to technical jobs. People value the opinion of an expert over a generalist, so consider enrolling in short courses and getting yourself certified to improve your profile.

3. Market yourself properly

man eliminating pest

Marketing yourself as a jack of all trades can work when you’re just starting, but if you want to take your business to the next level, you need to promote yourself as a specialist in a technical field. Not only will it simplify your marketing strategy, but you’ll also be able to charge more for the same services you already offer.

Clients are willing to pay more for the same service if they think you have specialist knowledge. Once you’ve built a positive relationship with your clients, you can then leverage your position to market services that fall outside your purview.

4. Work with a partner

Once you’ve established yourself as a trusted expert, you’ll soon find yourself getting jobs at a steady rate. There will be times when you have to turn down jobs because you can’t handle the workload. You have two options: you can increase your rates, or you could hire an employee.

Working with a partner is a more sustainable solution, especially if the demand for jobs is growing. You can complete more tasks, and you can also expand your services by hiring specialists.

Handymen may be good with a wrench or a power tool, but the skills required for managing a business are entirely different. These tips will help you gain more customers and increase your revenue. As long as you improve your skills and focus on what you do best, your business will keep on growing.

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