Your Office’s Entryway and What It Tells Your Clients

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Whenever employees, clients, visitors, and staff enter your office, what do they see, hear, and experience? Do they feel welcome? Do they want to go back to your office based on what they see in your reception area? Most business owners don’t think about what the design of their office tells their customers. They rely and depend on the quality of their services and products as opposed to providing a great experience for their clients.

But do you know that clients want to be impressed with your office’s entryway and reception area from the moment they arrive there? If the office looks dark and dingy, no client will want to transact with you. They will not only feel dissatisfied, but they will also question your legitimacy and professionalism.

What Kind of Entryway Do You Have?

Is it intimidating? Is it welcoming? Does it make clients feel that they can come back to your office again? Does it make them want to see your reception hall again? You need to assess what kind of entryway you have and what kind of message it sends to your clients and customers. If you are not satisfied with it, maybe it is time to change your entryway. A small doorway, for example, doesn’t say much about your business. Your clients need to be wowed from the moment they see the sign on the door until the time they leave your office.

Don’t you know what kind of entryway you should have? Then go to a local door shop and see what kind of doors they’re selling. Ask the salesman for their bestsellers, especially for offices, so you know what kind of investment your competitors are making. You will notice that they are leaning more on sturdy, durable, modern, and aesthetically gorgeous doors. The combination of these factors will make your entryway an unforgettable element for your customers.


Even if you’re selling a product as simple as a cup of coffee, your clients should feel its elegance all over. Gold-plated door handles, vibrant murals, and hanging gold elements will make your visitors feel that there’s something in your business that they should care about and want. You will attract the right market with the right entryway. So, if you’re selling elegance (such as interior designing and event planning), then an entryway that represents that is exactly what you need.

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Comfort and Friendliness

How about making sure your clients feel comfortable in your reception area? That starts with the entryway, too. Your doorway has to make clients feel that they are welcome there, that they are going to find what they need when they enter your place of business. Some clients tend to get intimidated when the doorway or entryway is too majestic. Your choice of doorway depends on the type of business you’re in. A kiddie shop? Then, make sure your entryway is all fun and entertaining. A high-end boutique? Then, make clients expect that they’re going to get the best experience possible.


It’s not just about your clients, but your employees as well. Don’t you want them to take pride in what they do and the place they call their second home? If they invite clients for a meeting or a round of negotiations in your office, don’t you want your workers to boast of the murals or even just the simple organization of your office? Cluttered and messy offices have never done well for the businesses that they serve. They’re a boon to the business, and they usually make clients question whether or not the company is serious about delivering its promises.


Would you trust an organization that has files all over the place? Do you like to trust a business when its staff can’t seem to find the documents that you signed the last time? You can never keep saying that you’re too busy to organize the office. For clients, it only means you do not have a system in place. How can they trust you with their hard-earned money? How are they going to invest that money into your products and services when you can’t even manage to change the magazines in the reception area to the latest issues?

Sure, it’s important to have quality products and provide the best services to your clients. But remember this: the buyer’s journey starts from the moment they set foot inside your office. It doesn’t end when they decide to buy a product or subscribe to a business either. It’s a continuous process that’s made successful by your office’s ability to retain them as customers.

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