What to Consider When Planning for Outdoor Weddings

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An outdoor wedding is romantic but also comes with its challenges. There might be a change in weather on your wedding day, and you’re forced to sort for Plan B. Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you need you to approach it with a lot of dedication. Consider these factors to create a unique outdoor reception that brings out the best for your big day.


It’s essential to know what you desire for your reception. Are you using tents or not? If you are thinking of having your wedding during the summer, then you should consider using tents. Tents will help you, your spouse-to-be, family, and guests avoid sunburns due to continuous exposure to the sun. Also, if the weather changes, and it rains, you are sure that everyone is safe.

Consider other aspects such as accessibility and parking to avoid the long-distance walk. Ensure you have a back-up plan in case the weather worsens.

Guest List

You will have to come up with a list of your guests to determine the best place for your wedding and how much you will spend. Don’t stress yourself on inviting a lot of people when the budget cannot allow. Go for close friends and immediate family members unless you have enough budget and a big venue.


Your budget is the main determiner of your wedding. For you to do anything for your memorable day, it will need your financial support. List down all the dos and distribute funds. Also, account for the extra cost, such as beauty expenses and any contingencies.


With outdoor weddings, there can be a few decoration restrictions. Go for decoration style that will compliment nature and make it outstanding. Outdoor decor should be minimal, so don’t overdo it. If you plan to have lamps or candles, ensure they are kept out of reach for children.

Visit event contractors’ center or any wedding trade shows for ideas or advice on outdoor decor, as most people tend to have it wrong. Always remember to work within your budget.

Food and Drink

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Do you know that food and drinks dictate the most percentage of your budget? Keep it simple and delicious; remember, most people judge a wedding by the type of food and drinks they have. You can go for a buffet of picnic foods or hog roast. In case there are children, remember to serve what will please them.


Research on the possibility of the weather forecast for your wedding day. Suppose it’s going to be sunny, put in places fans for your guest. In case it is rainy, you will need to use a tent to avoid the rain ruining your day. Using paper goods will not be appropriate if it’s windy.

If you have plans for an outdoor wedding, these are a few ideas you can begin with as you explore more. Seek advice from couples who have had an outdoor wedding. You can also check out wedding bazaars and magazines for ideas to help you achieve what you need for your day.

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