Ways to Lower Your Insurance Rates

Auto Insurance

Surprisingly, motorists have a considerable say in the amount of money they spend insuring their cars. If you’re a careful and responsible driver, you will enjoy low and affordable insurance rates in Chicago.

With money becoming increasingly harder to come by, the last thing you want is increasing car-running costs. Practicing a little bit of restraint on the road can help you enjoy the car-owning experience without leaving you broke. There’s a strong correlation between your driving habits and the cost of your insurance.

If you’re a careful driver on the road, your wallet will thank you for it. On the other hand, if you’re an aggressive driver, the state will relish leaving a deep hole in your finances.

Party Carefully

While there’s no denying the merit of the saying that you only live once, you can make the most of your life without courting disasters at every turn. You need to realize that there’s a world of difference between making the most of life’s every moment and living dangerously. You want to do more of the former and none of the latter. There’s no shame or reason not to party all you want if you can do it responsibly.

That means not getting behind the wheel of your car after you’ve had too many drinks. Otherwise, you might run afoul of the law, end up in the emergency room, or worse. Taking a cab after a night of partying hard keeps your insurance rates affordable. You’re better off not seeing the business end of a speeding ticket or a DUI.

Ease Off the Gas

Car on a highway

If you’re packing a couple of powerful horses under the hood, it’s tempting to let them loose on the open road and see what they are made of. Unless you’re on a racing track, you should rein in your need for speed. If a traffic cop clocks you on the speed gun, your motoring experience might take a sudden turn for the worse.

Depending on the gravity of your offense, you could end up with a speeding ticket, a hefty fine, a suspended license, jail time, or all of them. If the state suspends your driving privileges, it opens an entirely new can of worms. The suspension becomes an ugly black mark on your driving record, marking you as a high-risk driver. Drivers in this category pay a lot more in insurance premiums as they are likely to make more claims.

Keep Tabs on Child Support

Well, there’s a curveball. As surprising as it might sound, failing to pay your child support can mess up your driving experience. The state considers driving a car as a privilege reserved for law-abiding citizens. As such, they have a right to withdraw them if you give them a reason to think otherwise. If you’re behind on your child support, the state can suspend your driving license until you comply. They will be only happy to restore your privileges, but by then, the damage is already done as you will be in the high-risk driver category.

It might come as a surprise, but you do have a considerable say in the amount of money you pay out for insurance coverage. Your conduct, especially when you’re behind the wheel, plays a significant role. If you’re a responsible individual who doesn’t take chances with risky driving habits, you’ll enjoy lower rates.

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