Types of Construction Adhesives for Concrete

Man fixing the concrete floor

Concrete is now the leading alternative for the construction of all types and sizes of buildings. At different stages throughout your construction, you will need to bind the concrete to a substrate of one kind or another. The adhesives used in concrete are designed to provide the longest lasting bond for your structure. There are undoubtedly many types of adhesives building material suppliers will have in store for your construction.

It is tempting to get any adhesive your supplier stocks when buying dry lining sanding tools and other construction materials you will use for your construction. This strategy is designed to maximize the discount a supplier will give you. Not all construction adhesives will, however, suffice for concrete. The following are some of your best adhesive options when binding concrete to other building materials.

White Craft and Yellow Wood Glue

Yellow wood and white craft glue share the same vinyl acetate polymers in their constitution. White craft glue has low toxicity and is easy to clean though it does not have considerable strength. The adhesive should be left to completely dry for approximately an hour before applying your concrete so that your concrete is not displaced. Yellow wood glue has higher binding strength compared to white craft glue but also takes an hour to completely dry.


This type of adhesive dries and cures quickly and will hence minimize the down times for your construction. Moreover, resin adhesives are shrink and wear-resistant after they are sufficiently dry. They are therefore used for constrictions where the concrete and bonded material should maintain their present shape and size even under considerable stress and continued use. These include bridges, high-traffic areas, and airport runways. They are however costly and thus only used for high-strength constructions.


Worker coating the floor with epoxyThis is the strongest and most durable type of adhesive for concrete. It can withstand extreme temperatures, UV light exposure, temperatures, and certain chemicals. Epoxy adhesives are used for binding concrete in exterior places and basements while specific types will bind two concrete blocks. Though expensive, this is the ideal adhesive for constructions in which strength is a primary element.


This is the most common adhesive used for concrete structures. The mortar comprises a mixture of water, lime, and sand among other cementitious products. It holds up well to most outdoor elements, but it is prone to cracking when it dries based on the ground heave and temperature extremes of an area. Though it makes an inexpensive and easy solution for some projects, it will not suffice for high-grade projects.

Irrespective of the type of adhesive which suffices for your construction from the above, there are basic rules that should be followed when applying them. The surface should, for instance, be debris-free and clean. It should also be dry and moderately warm since the above adhesives will not adhere so well to surfaces with temperature extremes. The adhesives come in buckets, tubs, or tubes and with a trowel for their application. Even if you are a seasoned contractor, read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the adhesive. Technologies change continually, and you might be using a new product.

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