Top Ways to Avoid Truck Accidents

White truck on the side of the road

Truck accidents are deadly on the road. With these large vehicles barreling down the roads at high speed, you should be trying your best to avoid accidents. It also helps that if you ask a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles or anywhere else, driving safely can help when it comes to deciding who was at fault when it comes to insurance claims.

Here are some of the things you can do to stay safe from truck accidents:

Always Maintain a Safe Distance

If you see a truck on the road, then you will want to maintain your distance. Many things can go wrong with a truck, so it would be better if you are far from it. For example, sudden stops by the truck can result in you smashing into it. That means you will need to be around three seconds away from the truck. Additionally, when you are passing the truck, you should be several lanes away.

Visibility is Important

Another thing to do when you see a truck on the road is to keep it in sight and to keep your car in its sight. Trucks have large blind spots and these are often the cause of accidents. This means you don’t want to be positioned directly behind a truck or be right behind the cab doors. To check for visibility, you just need to look at the truck driver’s side mirror. If you can’t see the driver’s face, then you aren’t visible. This means you need to move to another position.

Take Note of Upcoming Turns

Truck turning fastTurns are the deadliest times for trucks. This is mostly because they take up more space than most people expect. When you are too close, you might end up being hit by the truck. The best thing would be to slow down or stop completely as the truck is turning, while you are a healthy distance away. Knowing a turn is coming up, you should then prepare for it.

Use Clear Signals

Truck drivers aren’t mind readers. If you are going to turn or stop while a truck is behind you, then you need to show what your planned action is going to be. Use a signal booster so your signals are visible and cannot be mistaken. Don’t do any sudden lane changes since that can result in an accident.

Do Not Be Distracted

When a truck is visible on the road, you should pay attention to it. It shouldn’t fully consume your attention, but it should be a priority to keep track of it. Don’t be distracted from the road by noisy passengers and the like. A truck’s sudden move can change a lot of things on the road and you’ll need to be aware of it while you are driving.

Accidents can be devastating in various ways. It can result in death and injuries, as well as financial and legal complications. To avoid all of those problems, it is best to avoid getting into an accident by remembering all the tips above.

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