Top Two Alternatives to Staying at Home This Pandemic

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Many people continue to resist various COVID-19 restrictions, such as mandatory wearing protective face masks and gatherings. Many of them are partaking in social events without any care because they either believe in the pandemic or just outright defiant on strict restrictions.

This mentality is understandable, particularly in the recent generation of millennials, because humans are designed for socializing and going out. However, what many Americans do not understand is that there is a highly contagious virus out there. And this kind of defiant behavior has already led to something far worse — the mutation of the virus.

As the strain of COVID-19 becomes more contagious and more lethal, it is expected that many governments will implement stricter than before lockdowns and bans on gatherings and other social events. If this happens, and there is a high chance of this to occur, economic and recreational activities will come to a grinding halt.

Suppose only these people only knew or took a hard look at the alternative activities they could have tried. In that case, COVID-19 restrictions should not have become too strict. If the government decides to reintroduce hard lockdowns, here are the two best alternatives to staying at home during the pandemic.

Take a Healthy Alternative: Biking

This activity is the most taken for granted thing amid the ongoing pandemic. Biking is not only a healthy alternative to staying at home but also a way for you to go out without any or even less risk of getting infected with the virus.

Like other forms of transportation, which is being allowed by the government, biking is compliant with social distancing measures. This is an excellent alternative because you will be able to feel the sun and not just cooped up inside your house while eating unhealthy food. Biking is also a physical exercise proven many times to improve mood and physical strength, and stamina.

You can go out and bike as long as you follow the prevailing COVID-19 regulations in your area.

Explore the Outdoors with Boat

This might sound like a far-fetched alternative, particularly to cash strapped individuals. Still, boating during the pandemic is expectedly fun and once in a lifetime. Many people have found a niche in renting their boats to people. These people rent boats to those who wanted to get away from the city or the pandemic restrictions.

These boats are a great way to experience the outside world amid the pandemic. Like the bike, the boat is compliant with social distancing measures. For example, many marinas and boating businesses in the area are booming in California. People are looking for safer ways to have their vacations.

What to Do If You Don’t Own a Boat?

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If you do not have one, you may rent one. There are many boats, yachts, kayaks, or ships for rent throughout the country. The only thing you need is a “boater card.” Many states are implementing this policy, particularly California.

The boater card is similar to a driver’s license but for boats. This has been implemented to regulate boating travels, the influx of boaters, and to reduce the frequency of boat-related accidents.

What to Do If You Own a Boat?

Get a good boat transport service. California is one of the many states that rely on boating-related industries, and this is why many companies provide boating services such as transportation, maintenance, and repair.

Boat transporting services is as important as getting a boater card. This service will eliminate any hassles and lessen the risk of any injury or accidents related to transporting a boat.

Whether you decide to bike or hire a boat to escape the city and strict COVID-19 restrictions, keep in mind to stay safe, and observe proper health measures.

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