Top Things to Love About Startups

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Startups have been all the rage this past few years. A startup is a business starting to be implemented. It is a business at its inception stage. Startups are no different from those who are merely starting their own businesses. What makes it unique is that the new age of startups has a flair that has not been done before. It takes on after the basic business model which is the development of a product or service to answer specific market demand. However, the modern take on startups is that most of the capital it gains to run itself is crowd-funded.

Crowdfunding is, simply put, raising capital for the venture from multiple willing donors. Thanks to the internet, business ideas from all over the world can advertise their business idea and search for financial donors to back their idea. If the product is attractive enough, multiple donors will flock to fund the project. A timeline is given to the donees to execute the plan or the backers will pull the plug (or pull the carpet beneath them).

Usually, goal posts and markers are set for those that have been crowd-funded. The remaining balance of the amount pledged will get released if the backers are convinced that the project is heading to fruition.


Modern-day startups are beloved because it is through them that new products and new services are thoroughly explored. Whereas before, a businessman is a try and succeed method. Now, with modern startups, those courageous enough present their business plan to the market itself. Modern startups are basically a business presentation to internet users that pose as investors. Without jumping the gun yet, you do not have to invest a lot of time and a lot of money in organizing your business plan.


Building a Network

With crowdfunding, you get to have constructive criticism and feedback from your potential investors. You are talking straight to the members of your target market who are interested in the development of your new product. Selling your business plan to them and convincing them to invest in your idea is the most attractive step. You get to gauge your market and you get to have partners invest in your idea.

Startups temper the economic climate because it pushes entrepreneurship even from the smallest persons. Compared to large corporations, startups are generally those who do not have enough credit to borrow from a bank and do not have much capital, to begin with. Those who are engaged in startups who are smart and resourceful but unfortunately not trust fund babies. They need the necessary help to get the engine running.

By offering their product as an option for complete strangers to invest in, the economic climate cools down because it encourages the flow of money and capital for the lowest members of the financial pyramid. It boosts the spending and the cash flow for small capitalist players. Large corporations merely make a board resolution to fund billions of dollars into a certain project. Crowd-funded startups, however, are pushed forward by the backing of interested donors.

Making Way for Innovations

Startups are known for accelerating innovation that can come from anywhere. Because of the nature of startups, most businessmen are known for accelerating innovation to fill up a certain type of niche or need in the market. In the urgent care business world, telemedicine is becoming the number one priority for most clinics and hospitals. Due to the pandemic, a lot of health care facilities are prioritizing getting online and setting up e-consultation sessions.

A startup that offers these types of services would strike gold in a time where a pandemic is raging and the future is set to moving everything online. A lot of people love startups because it is through crowdfunding that the introductions regarding the latest new products are displayed. Oculus, the virtual reality headset bought out by Facebook, for example, raised $2.4 million in funds during its campaign. Glowforge earned $27.9 million in one month because of its 3D laser printer product.

Many people love startups because they are innovative, they are new, and they are very ripe for a break. Due to the extremely low entry price startups ask for a stake in the product, it is a relatively low-risk investment for a potentially high reward product. There is generally lower effort to gather capital, simply because a lot of people are contributing small amounts. These products are generally free from influence and meddling by a litigious investor. If the timing is right when you invest in a startup, you can make literally millions of dollars off a small contribution you made during crowdfunding, as an investor.

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