Top Strategies for an Effective Sales Rally

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Real estate companies, marketing groups, hotels, car dealerships and airlines hold a sales rally at least once a year to motivate their sales force. This can be a large gathering of sales team members, managers and leaders from different regions or even countries.

Events such as this can take a day or a week, depending on how extensive the company wants it to be. Some even hire corporate event planning professionals in Kansas City to handle the logistics of mounting such an activity. They will take care of the venue, lights, sound system, and even the food and beverages served during the whole affair.

This leaves the company to focus on the more important aspect of the sales rally, motivating the sales team and helping them meet their targets.

Focus on one main issue at a time

You can’t cover everything in one meeting. You need to have full control of the agenda, and you can do so by focusing on the main issue. After covering the key issues, and if there’s still time, you can then move on to the next important task on the list.

Zero in on the performance

The sales team and personnel love being showered with commendations and well-deserved recognition. Have a specific part of your meeting devoted to recognizing the stellar performance of your team and let them have a share of the limelight. Encourage them to perform and do better and motivate those who are lagging behind to push even harder.

Send out a memo about the agenda of the meeting

Ensure that they all come prepared and make them feel accountable for it. Make sure that reports, presentations and other documents are prepared ahead of time. You can send soft copies to all participants before the sales rally to give them ample time to review and pen their own comments.

Begin and end the meeting on time

In sales, time is of the essence. You must do the same with your team. Not being able to start on time sends a bad impression to the team that you don’t value their time. Time is money; you should know that.

Check on individual issues after, not during, the meeting

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If there’s a particular issue you need addressed that doesn’t concern everyone, don’t waste everyone’s time. Deal with the person involved after the meeting. You can also schedule quick calls or one-on-ones with your team members after the event.

Encourage collaboration and input

Allow participants to discuss their ideas and brainstorm. A sales meeting is a direct reflection of a sales call. Encourage them to discuss and share their inputs on a presentation.

Make sure to agree afterwards

Never leave things hanging for the sales team. You have to be accurate and ensure that you all come to terms regarding a specific agenda being tackled. Recap the issues via email and make sure the same matters are communicated clearly to them.

Keep the team motivated and establish a culture

For many sales people, the meeting is the biggest collaboration and interaction of the company. Have an avenue where they can share positivity, keep them involved, and establish company culture. Bear in mind that the meeting is for the benefit and growth of the team and not yours.

These are the things you have to consider to ensure a successful meeting with the sales team. As a sales manager, it’s your goal to keep everyone interested, active, and participating in every meeting.

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