The Perfect Practical Gifts for Your Fresh High School Graduate

So you’re a parent who’s getting ready for your child’s high school graduation. You’ve spent hours just thinking of the right gift to celebrate this big achievement in their academic life. You’re not just after the perfect gift for the modern teenager but also the more practical ones. Let’s start with the following suggestions that are both meaningful and sensible.

A Secondhand Car

A major requirement for high school graduates is an easy and personal mode of transportation. In fact, most teenagers and older find that owning a car can help them in their job hunt and everyday needs. Since you want to help your graduate earn their stripes, show them your trust and confidence by gifting them with a pre-loved car.

If you feel like buying a brand new vehicle then that would be up to you. However, a spanking new ride can still equal a well-maintained, second-hand unit as long as your graduate decides to be a responsible car owner. As a bonus, make sure that you give them the number of a trusted company for car diagnostics and repair in Salt Lake City, Utah.


One of the biggest challenges for young people is the bid for independence. At this age, they would want to have some more leeway when it comes to making their own choices. Helping them find cheap, accessible, and student-friendly accommodation close to their university of choice is a big deal for them. In many ways, they can go about their lives without interruption while still connecting with friends and family. You can also help them with their rent for a few months until they manage their own payments. Remember, if you want your child to become a more mature and responsible adult, you’ll allow them this new semblance of independence.

A Desktop or Laptop

Graduates tossing their toga

The modern world has plenty of opportunities to offer a high school graduate who’s looking to be employed someday or find their place in the world. This can be made easier with the use of a modern computer. Regardless of your teenager’s goals, they’ll need decent access to the internet, enough memory to store their videos, music, and personal data, above average specs to complete projects, and a powerful rig that can help them relax with video games. A desktop is often the more powerful machine while a laptop is more portable and can be taken practically anywhere.

Gift Checks or Coupons

This option is perfect if you have a tight budget but still want to give a useful gift. These items are perfect for teenagers and young adults as they start their new life apart from their families. However, make sure these are from businesses that are near your student’s new location. Also, see if they include services and items that your child requires for their daily needs. A few examples would include gift checks from supermarkets, clothing stores, and auto repair and laundry services.

Whatever gift you choose, just remember that their needs are much more important than either their wants or your assumption of what they should get. Be honest with them if you’re budget is limited so you can set their expectations properly. After all, as long as you give it with extreme love and care, your gift will still be treasured by your child.

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