The Most Cutting-Edge Car Features to Look Out For

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If you’re on the lookout for a fresh new ride, the best way to get your money’s worth is to invest in a car that offers the most modern features. The rapid advancement of auto technology has led to ground-breaking options that offer much more safety and convenience than older car models. Here are just a few of the most cutting edge, innovative car features you should look out for when shopping for your next new ride:

State-of-the-Art Dashboards

These days, dashboards are more than just a mechanical needle on a gauge. Most modern Audi vehicles feature a fully customizable digital panel called a “virtual cockpit” in lieu of a mechanical gauge. Most carmakers have done the same thing by replacing entire dashboards with flat panel display screens. Customizable digital panels allow you to pick which information streams you would like to be displayed depending on how you choose to use your car. You can check it out for yourself by dropping by anywhere that has Audi carsfor sale.

360° Cameras

If you have trouble with blind spots, you should consider investing in a car with a 360° camera. This feature allows you to get multiple camera views of what’s happening in the front, corners, and sides of your car. It’s especially useful if you have to park in tight spots. If you have children or pets around, you can guarantee their safety as well by checking to see if they’re anywhere near the car.

Video Mirrors

Cadillac has developed a cutting-edge type of rear display for its CT6 luxury sedan and XT5 crossover models. These cars feature a high-resolution camera found in the back of both vehicles. The video from the camera is transmitted to you through a display on the rearview mirror. This makes it much easier to look at your surroundings without having to worry if someone’s head is in the way. You can switch off the electronic mirror if you want to use the display screen as a traditional rear-view mirror instead.

Driver Override Safety Systems

If safety is your priority, you should be on the lookout for a car with a driver override safety system in place. These systems include things like an intelligent emergency braking system and a detection system for impending collisions. There are also brake-operated pre-crash seat belts that help avoid further injuries from a car crash. You can also find cars that have a warning buzz that prompts the driver to stop in order to prevent a collision. These features are extremely important to have if you often drive your entire family in your car or if you’re buying the car for a teenager.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Car Start Stop Engine Button

While not necessarily a full-on autopilot mode, adaptive cruise control has the ability to let you choose a specific speed and let the car continue at that speed until you hit the breaks. This is great for long road trips or if you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Cars with this feature have sensors that detect and match the speed of cars that are right in front of you, which makes it ideal for driving safely in traffic.

Optimize your safety and convenience on the road by investing in a car with the most cutting-edge features on the market today.

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