Startups: How to Get That Profit Engine Rolling


Starting a new business can be tricky. Aside from getting the capital you need, perfecting your end product and capturing your target market are the landmarks most people miss when starting up a new business. Most business startups take the initial necessary steps for granted when coming up with a venture.

Doing business not a walk in the park at all. Statistics show that there are a multitude of reasons why businesses close down. From business interruptions like supply chain disruption to changes in legislation and regulation, businesses are always at a risk of being closed down. This is especially true in 2020. Now that there is a pandemic, even the biggest businesses are turning belly up. Most have trouble keeping up with the demands of the market. Logistical issues, the supply chain concerns and the adaptability of the businesses itself are big problems surrounding startups today.

Research and Pre-planning

In order to succeed in your trade, you must be able to research and plan your way to success. Without which, you might as well just head straight to failure. The business’ chance for failure can be further reduced through great planning.


Location is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to putting up a business. Depending on your market, you would not want to place your structure far away from where your market is located. Accessibility is key to capture your audience. Placing a fashion boutique beside a food court may not bode well for your audience. Grouping yourself in a location where people are highly likely to buy your product or use your services is vital for any start-up.

Coming up with the perfect product to go along with your product name is integral to rake in success. There are different products and services you can sell. From appealing towards hobbyists to pursuing your passion, it is fundamental that you are the best in what you do and in what you sell. Capitalizing on trends is also a great way to turn a profit on your investment.


Planning your marketing strategy is essential. Testing and researching whether or not your product will be palatable for your intended market is necessary before launching. Going in blind and not gathering the necessary information will automatically kill your chances. You should go in with the proper tools to communicate with your market when you start selling.


Contingencies are crucial for any kind of startup. Having a backup plan for when your plan rolls downhill is imperative for new businesses. Newcomers have a lot more leeway when it comes to changing up their product and strategy. They are offered the luxury to change and improve their merchandise or service while they still have a chance.


Getting the necessary permits to build and operate is the next step to advance your new business. For taxing and building registration purposes, you need a file with your local government to ease the establishment of your business. You have got to make sure that your product is not an imitation of an existing one else you get a case of violating intellectual property rights. Also, getting your product registered is a great way to protect it from future copycats.


Career Opportunity

One of the most difficult parts of setting up a business is trying to get investors to invest in your idea. Getting your capital should be easy once you have a great concept in mind. Convincing others to invest in you will make it easier for you to get capital to put up your business.


The next logical step is to actually build the structure that will house your business. Hiring a licensed general contractor, a trustworthy architect, and a creative interior designer should solve all your issues regarding the way your building is supposed to be built.

Trustworthy Employees

Hiring dependable and honest employees is the last step you do when starting up your business. These people will be alongside you in success and in failure. All your hardships will directly be felt by your employees. Having reliable ones is required if you want your business to grow. These people will be the ones who will be handling your product and delivering the service to your intended market.

Starting a business is never easy. A little less than half of startups nowadays end up closing after a year. However, when it is planned correctly, the pathway to success becomes more manageable. With confidence and preparation guiding your way, victory is effortlessly attainable.

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