Standstill Illnesses: Ways Traffic Can Affect Your Health

driving a car

Have you ever felt sick and tired of the traffic every time you get out of work? Well, you could be. Experts say that pollution makes its way inside vehicles during traffic jams. It’s even higher even when the car is moving.

Although cars are good at removing larger pollutants that make their way into your cabin, they’re not efficient at dispatching fine particles. These fine pollutants may cause short-term health effects like irritated lungs and eyes.

Extended exposure to pollution can cause a person to develop various respiratory diseases such as asthma and even cancer. There are also cases when air pollution leads to stroke and heart disease.

How traffic affects your body

According to studies, getting stuck in traffic generally takes up much of your time, especially for exercise. That’s why a long commute often gets associated with lower fitness levels and higher weight. Even more, it also has a connection to higher blood pressure, too.

One of the most common stress triggers while getting stuck in a traffic jam is having to wait for all the cars to move. Added to that is the need to deal with other motorists while you’re on the road.

The lack of patience and poor ability to handle your emotions can quickly turn it into resentment. Stress, according to experts, is a killer disease that can make anyone weak against viruses and diseases, including depression.

But it’s not only stress that can be a problem. Lack of sleep is another thing that commuters must battle with when stuck in traffic. Most people have to get up hours before their shift to avoid traffic.

Sleep deprivation doesn’t only affect a person’s performance. It also causes a person to suffer from frustration and anxiety. It can also cause them to feel physically tired, too. Getting stuck in traffic regularly can also cause a person to develop impulsive behavior and other mental health issues.

What you can do to protect yourself from exposure

Admittedly, having a house in an affordable subdivision in Tanza, Cavite, can seem like a dream. After all, it’s only an hour or two away from the metro. But while you’re still saving some money for the down payment, it’s best to come up with other ways to protect yourself instead.

Reduce the exposure of air pollution while waiting in a traffic jam by closing the car windows and switching off the fan — that is if the weather allows. Doing so will help reduce any risks of inhaling the pollutants by at least 76 percent.

But it’s not only drivers who need to get informed of what to do to protect themselves from exposure. Pedestrians also need to locate the best walking routes that minimize exposure to heavy vehicle traffic.

Traffic jams can be quite a problem for both your mental and physical health. If this is becoming a problem for you, try to find a place near your workplace. Doing so will be incredibly helpful as it’ll shorten your travel time. The less time you spend in the polluted streets of the city, the better.

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