Renter-Friendly: Attractive Features for Your Future Tenants

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Rental residences have never run out of people to sell to, as quite a number still opt to lease rather than buy. There are different kinds of structures for them to choose from without the need to pay a huge sum upfront.

However, while there is always a market for rentals, there are certain features and add-ons that can better attract possible tenants. The more your place is occupied, the more that your income becomes stable, so don’t hesitate to put your money into these upgrades and give an incentive for those who are interested in your property.

Feature Friendliness

One type of renter who would gladly pay for housing is the family. They need somewhere safe to raise children in, and they’d rather release more money to be sure about it rather than leave everything to chance.

If you include them in your target market, then it’s best for you to consider both children and pets while you’re making an investment in your rental homes. Ask builders in Townsville if they could include areas where kids and their animal friends can play and be safe.

All-In Amenities

With a large number of possible residences to rent, tenants are always looking out for the best deal they can get at a certain price. And by the best deal, it’s often about which one offers the most features squeezed into the package.

For example, making the rent also cover the electricity and water would make your rental unit more attractive. The same goes when you include the use of appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and stove. Remember that convenience is always a selling point.

Promotional Prices

Like with any other product that can be marketed, you can also offer deal-sweetener pricing schemes for your rental. For example, you can provide a discount or a free month when the tenant decides to pay in advance.

As long as you work within reason, this setup can become a win-win situation for both of you. This can also be a good strategy to use when you’re in need of a renter to occupy your unit as soon as possible.


New family moving in to new place

Nearly everyone nowadays feels the need to connect themselves through the internet, and your future tenants aren’t exempt. That’s why your rental unit will definitely attract more people if you also include Wi-Fi access in the list of features you’re offering.

As with the other utilities, you may choose to integrate payments into the rent or let the tenants pay for it separately. Either way, as long as you price it reasonably, decent renters will be willing to pay for the service.

These features and upgrades won’t force you to go out of your way just to provide them. After all, they won’t need too much investment when it comes to money and, at times, you’ll be able to use them as well. However you decide to go about including them in your rental package, you have to be sure to make it fair for your future tenants. A reasonable fee is one of the first things that will pull them in.

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