Rental Maintenance: Keep Your Property in Top Shape

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Being a landlord means having to take considerable responsibility in keeping your rental property safe. Tenants want to rent a home where they feel safe and secure. Apart from that, boosting your property’s protection helps increase rental rates, attract future tenants, and reduce the likelihood of burglary.

Moreover, keeping your property safe ensures that its structural integrity will remain sturdy for many years. To maintain a wonderful and long-lasting relationship with your tenants, and increase your peace of mind, consider the following tips for your rental property.

Install Door Security

The number one consideration when you are renting out your property is to secure the external doors. Consider installing new secure doors made of solid and heavy-duty material. Opt for deadbolt locks as it is much harder to break in. Taking these measures assures safety and also helps lower insurance premiums.

Keep Entrances Clear

Pathways and entrances are areas of your property that you should be mindful of as well. Opt to clear the area around entrances and pathways from any obstacles. Although shrubs and hedges are a pretty sight, nevermind planting them or just keep them at a minimum as they offer a good hiding place for criminals.

Install Lighting

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your tenants feel safe and deter criminals is to install good lighting on your property. Consider installing a motion sensor light to help your tenants find their way into their units. Apart from lighting the driveway, install some lights on the alleyway and garden as well.

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Invest in Security Cameras

Security cameras are no longer expensive as they were years ago. Also, plenty of affordable surveillance cameras now have higher resolution, making it easy to make out an image. Consider placing security cameras in the entranceway, back area of the property, and stairwells to give your tenants a sense of security.

Install Window Locks

The importance of keeping your property’s windows secured should not be overlooked. We often hear news of burglars breaking in through windows. Consider installing window locks to deter bad elements from planning on breaking your rental property.

Hire a Property Manager

If you do not live on or near your rental property, consider hiring a property manager. Your property manager helps resolve a wide range of issues ranging from maintenance to sort out security issues. Your property manager may even conduct spot checks to ensure your property stays in excellent condition.

Invest in a Security System

A security system in your rental property is a perk that could make the difference between a renter choosing your property over another. There are plenty of security systems available in the market today, and you must select the right one for the type of property you have.

Screen Tenants

The tenants you let in your property also pose risks to its safety and security. Consider screening your tenants before accepting their application. Luckily today there are plenty of tenant screening services available. You may opt to hire the service of an agency to conduct screenings.

Conduct Safety Checks

Ensuring your rental property is safe for all its residents is critical. Make sure to conduct an annual gas safety check, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms check. Though it may seem daunting and costly, these efforts will surely save you from any grave danger.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

Apart from conducting a regular safety check of the units, landlords should also perform a regular maintenance assessment to ensure that all rental property aspects are safe. Have electricians check wirings and contact a plumbing company or contractor to check on your pipes.

Are you now ready to apply these tips?

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