Protecting Your Items During a Long Distance Move


Moving your valuables isn’t something easy, especially if you’re planning to get them across states. You can certainly do your homework to make sure the conditions for your move are ideal for whatever you’re going to do, but there are still a ton of things that you can’t control while the move is happening.

There’s one that you can—how your belongings will hold up in transit.

After you get your instant quotes from a long distance van line moving company, the next step is packing and that can be done in such a way that will make your life easier.

Packing is a mixture of art and science in any move. If you don’t do it properly, you’ll end up with a lot more than the damages incurred and surcharge with your bill once you arrive. Here are some tips on how to to get ready for the move:

Make sure you need to bring what you’re going to bring

Some essentials don’t really need to be packed. These include your toiletries, sundries, and other personal items. There’s no need to make things more cluttered and more complicated to pack than they need to be.

The simplest way to do this is to make sure the things that you need to bring are things that you can’t buy in wherever you’re moving. These include furniture, non-sentimental items and the like. You can leave the rest or give them away. If the value of bringing it along outweighs the amount you can save when you leave it behind, then toss it out of the box.

Learn the difference between a box and a crate


It’s simple enough: boxes are made of cardboard and can hold your small to medium-sized items, while crates are often made from wood and can hold those things and a little more. While all crates can be considered boxes, not all boxes are crates.

Why is this important? When you’re moving furniture, the type of box you use can affect the packaging while in transit. Scratching, scuffing, and bumps can happen while on the road. It’s not a situation you can avoid once you’re in transit, so learning what type of box you need for what items can be critical for a smooth move.

Know your movers

The people who are going to help you move aren’t just going to transport your things for you; sometimes, they’ll also help unpack. If you’re moving with your friends, you need to give them clear ground rules about how to handle your things. If you’re hiring a moving company, this step is more or less mandatory. Make it clear which are the fragile boxes.

Packing is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. Remember that the way you pack will directly affect how you unpack, so doing your work in advance can save you a lot of headaches in the future. The right preparation is key to ensuring a successful and stress-free long distance move.

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