How to Protect Yourself When Divorcing a Toxic Partner

Most divorce processes begin with hurt, hatred, and heated arguments. It’s relatively common to blame each other for the demise of the union, accuse one party of infidelity, and start shouting matches. Over time, both parties will want to move forward and try to establish civil communication, especially if there are kids involved.

However, when your once-caring sweetheart turns into a nasty villain who refuses to cooperate, the divorce process can be a prolonged nightmare. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse may find pleasure in waging dragged-out court battles, hiding marital assets, using personal intimidation strategies, and luring you into unnecessary fights. Your first line of defense is to find a divorce lawyer in Townsville who can protect you from your partner’s ill will. Aside from working with a legal expert, here are other ways to safeguard yourself during a toxic divorce.

1. Don’t act on impulse

Your physical separation will not stop your high-conflict spouse from making your life miserable. They will find ways to cause you distress by sending abusive texts or hateful emails. While it’s tempting to fire back, never engage in back-and-forth arguments via electronic communication. You wouldn’t want to say something on impulse that will hurt you later. Keep the rude messages just in case, but never respond in the same manner if you don’t want your partner to gain the upper hand. Limit your words to necessary information, such as children’s schedules, and the like.

2. Don’t take badmouthing to heart

Your toxic spouse can say a hundred terrible things about you to other people, including your kids, their teachers, your common friends, or the family doctor. They can post insults and craft negative stories about you on social media. Do not include your children in your warfare. Resist saying negative things about your spouse in front of them.

Instead, explain to them that when people are hurt or upset, they might say things they don’t mean. Also, build relationships with your kids’ teachers, babysitters, and pediatricians, so they can see for themselves that you are a good parent.

3. Discover hidden assets

Unhappy married couple on verge of divorce due to impotence

It is common for vengeful spouses to hide assets during the divorce. Your partner will do everything to make the process longer and more difficult than the typical procedure. They might refuse to hand over financial paperwork required for dividing assets, determining child support, and calculating alimony. Thus, it is important to search for hidden assets by checking your financial accounts for unusual or large transfers.

Work closely with your attorney in reviewing bank statements, tax returns, and other documents that contain vital information about your assets. It may also be beneficial to hire a forensic accountant who will dig deeper into your partner’s finances. Discovering hidden assets can be a lot of work, but you have to do this so you’ll get a fair share of your marital property.

The divorce process can be one of your life’s toughest times, especially if you’re battling against a high-conflict spouse. But know that good things will always come to those who have the patience to endure the bumpy ride.

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