How Much Is The Maintenance Cost For A Solar Panel System?

Brick home with solar panels on the roof

As more Americans use solar power as an alternative energy source, homeowners should be aware of the recurring expenses for system cleaning and maintenance.

It costs an average of $150 for annual maintenance of solar roof panels, although you may spend up to $350. The actual price may differ based on factors such as roof slant, the size of the system and your home. Some service providers may charge a flat fee that comes with an inspection service. Remember that regular cleaning is important to let the panels properly absorb the sunlight.

Cost Of Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is important to determine if your system functions smoothly. Solar panel systems last for up to 25 years, but only if you take good care of it. An inspection for the entire unit also allows you to check for corrosion, loose fixtures, and general wear and tear. Panel repairs can be expensive at an average of $650, so paying for a regular inspection seems like a better option for your budget.

This could also be a time to think if you want to upgrade to a new system. If you are looking for a SunPower solar panels dealer, you should expect installation price to cost around $23,000 on average. The actual rate will depend on where you live in the country.

Solar Power Regulations

Technician checking the solar panelsDespite the steep price of using solar energy, the rate of installation in the country has increased in 2018 partly because of new regulations across different states. In Nevada, lawmakers approved a higher requirement for renewable energy to 50% by 2030. Aside from solar power, the rule covers other sources such as wind energy.

California’s legislature enacted the Million Solar Roofs of Energy Storage bill and other new standards. These would require almost all new residential properties to have solar power systems in the next two years. Tax incentives also encouraged more people to make the switch, in addition to a lower utility bill.

State Incentives And Benefits

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides homeowners with a 30% federal tax credit if they install solar energy. Otherwise known as the Investment Tax Credit, you could save up to 50% when you combine the savings from solar companies’ discounts and rebates. Some manufacturers offer between 10% and 20% in rebates for customers’ system installations.

Not only that, there are other incentives that are specific in your home state. Residents in Washington may avail of a utility company’s $2,000 money-back offer on their investment, while those in New York could be eligible for a 25% state tax credit. If you live in Florida, the state exempts solar energy products from sales tax. You could also gain a $500 rebate from the installation of a solar water heating system.


Solar energy can be a cost-efficient investment and alternative to conventional power sources. Whether you just plan on keeping your old one for this year, you should hire a professional for maintenance services to ensure that it reaches its ideal lifespan.

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